It’s Awards Season and things are hotting up!  Join us at ODEON and watch the latest films from La La Land to Silence – all vying for the most prestigious prizes in the social calendar.

Whether it’s drama, intrigue, laughter or tears you’re after, we’re here to help you along the way... even with the diva moments!

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So the question to ask yourself is... who said awards were just for the stars?!

Awards Rewards

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See 3 Awards Films and get the 4th Free!*

Its Awards Season at ODEON and with so many award worthy films to choose from, we've decided to reward you with a special offer.

We've selected our top 17 picks for the season and when you see 3 we'll give a free ticket for your 4th awards film*. 


How to claim your free ticket

1) Pick up one of our awards ticket wallets in cinema

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Award Season Films: La La Land, A Monster Calls, Manchester By The Sea, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Lion, Jackie, 20th Century Women, Silence, Hacksaw Ridge, Miss Sloane, The Founder, Fences, Moonlight, Loving, Gold, Toni Erdmann, Hidden Figures.

The Films

La La Land - 12th January

‘La La Land’ follows the entwined stories of Mia, an aspiring actress who serves coffee between auditions, and Sebastian, a jazz pianist confined to playing the hits in dingy bars.

A breathless, life-affirming romance begins between the two of them, and they’re happy for the first time in a long time. But as they finally find success, the dreams they’ve pursued for so long threaten to tear them apart.

Here’s to the fools who dream. From the director of ‘Whiplash’ and starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, ‘La La Land’ is a glorious Hollywood musical that received universal adoration on the festival circuit.

6 Wins / 14 Nominations

  • Leading Actress - Winner
  • Best Director - Winner
  • Cinematography - Winner
  • Best Song - Winner
  • Best Score - Winner
  • Productin Design - Winner
  • Best Film
  • Leading Actor
  • Original Screenplay
  • Editing
  • Costume Design
  • Sound Mixing
  • Sound Editing
  • Best Song

11 BAFTA Nominations

  • Best Film - Winner
  • Director - Winner
  • Original Screenplay
  • Leading Actor
  • Leading Actress - Winner
  • Original Music - Winner
  • Cinematography - Winner
  • Editing
  • Production Design
  • Costume Design
  • Sound

A Monster Calls - 1st January

Conor is a troubled boy beset by bullies and struggling to cope with his mother’s illness. But when ‘A Monster Calls’, he’ll escape into a world of myths and magic.

There’s an ancient tree just outside his village that’s been there for thousands of years. Conor knows there’s something special about it, but he could never have guessed that it would come alive, and be the key to his salvation…

‘A Monster Calls’ brings the award-winning novel to spectacular life with a cast including Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones and Liam Neeson as the Monster.

Silence - 1st January

Father Ferreira, a Jesuit missionary to Japan, has renounced his faith and shamed the Church. Father Rodrigues has gone to find him, praying for success. But God’s ‘Silence’ is overwhelming.

Ferreira was his mentor, and Rodrigues is desperate to find out what happened to him. But he’s in a country where Christians are persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith, and it doesn’t take long for the Inquisition to learn he’s there.

Martin Scorsese finally unveils ‘Silence’, a passion project of his for more than 20 years, starring Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Liam Neeson.

Lion - 20th January

‘Lion’ tells the extraordinary true story of Saroo Brierley, who was born in India but adopted by an Australian couple after he was separated from his family.

When he was five years old, he got lost on a train travelling away from his home. Years later, living in safety and security in Australia, he yearns to reunite with his family, and decides to use Google Earth to track them down. But his memories are hazy, and it could take years.

Based on Saroo’s book of his experiences, ‘Lion’ is a critically-acclaimed true story that would be almost impossible to believe if it hadn’t actually happened.

​5 BAFTA Nominations

  • Adapted Screenplay
  • Supporting Actor
  • Supporting Actress
  • Original Music 
  • Cinematography

Hidden Figures - 17th February

‘Hidden Figures’ is the inspiring true story of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson, three African-American women who played a pivotal role in the birth of NASA’s space program.

NASA are putting a man on top of a missile and shooting it into space: they’ve never done it before and it’s incredibly dangerous. They need the best mathematicians and engineers they can find, which gives these three women a long-overdue chance to prove their value.

Experience the untold story of these ‘Hidden Figures’ for yourself, brought to life by a stellar cast including Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae.

BAFTA Nominated for

  • Adapted Screenplay

Manchester By The Sea - 13th January

When Lee Chandler learns that his brother has suddenly passed away, he has to return to his hometown, ‘Manchester By The Sea’, to help with preparations for the funeral.

Lee fled Manchester years ago in the wake of a terrible tragedy, and he hates going back there. Upon learning that he’s been made the legal guardian of his nephew Patrick, he’s put in an impossible situation: he can’t bear to stay in Manchester, but he can’t abandon Patrick.

One of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, ‘Manchester By The Sea’ is a devastating drama with a towering performance by Casey Affleck at its core.

​6 BAFTA Nominations

  • Best Film
  • Director
  • Original Screenplay
  • Leading Actor
  • Supporting Actress
  • Editing

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - 10th February

‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ follows a 19-year-old private who became a hero in a harrowing battle in Iraq, and was brought home for a victory tour.

Culminating with the halftime show at the Thanksgiving football game, the story reveals what really happened to Billy on that fateful day – and how different the reality is from the way America chooses to see it.

Based on the bestselling novel and directed by Academy Award-winner Ang Lee, ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime walk’ brings home the reality of war in a way never before seen on screen.

Jackie - 20th January

The assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963 shook the whole world. But as hard as it hit everyone else, the person most affected was his widow ‘Jackie’.

Trying to cope with unbearable grief, sorrow and loss, she still had to plan her husband’s funeral, console their children, and somehow find a way to define what JFK’s legacy would be. But there’ll never be another Camelot.

‘Jackie’ is a devastating psychological portrait of her life after her husband’s murder, driven by one of the most acclaimed performances of the year from Natalie Portman.

​3 BAFTA Nominations

  • Leading Actress
  • Original Music 
  • Costume Design

The Founder - 17th February

Ray Kroc was a 52-year-old milkshake machine salesman, down on his luck and struggling financially. He became ‘The Founder’ of the biggest fast food company in the world – McDonald’s.

When the McDonald brothers placed an order with him, he decided to check out their restaurant, where food was served in 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. It was revolutionary, and Ray wanted in. Muscling his way in, he turned this small family business into the biggest, most successful fast food company in the world.

Michael Keaton stars as ‘The Founder’ of McDonald’s, a ruthless entrepreneur who built an empire out of a simple burger restaurant.

Fences - 10th February

An African American father struggles with race relations in the United States while trying to raise his family in the 1950s and coming to terms with the events of his life.

Denzel Washington directs and stars in this though-provoking drama.

BAFTA Nominated for 

  • Supporting Actress

Hacksaw Ridge - 27th January

The incredible true story of Congressional Medal of Honour recipient Desmond Doss, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ follows the conscientious objector-turned-medic as he heads to the front line of World War II.

A committed pacifist, he refused to touch a gun or fire a bullet. His commanders were baffled, but eventually allowed him to serve on Okinawa, one of the war’s bloodiest battlefields. And there, a man they’d branded a coward would go above and beyond the call of duty, single-handed saving the lives of 75 men.

An inspiring story of courage under fire and staying true to your beliefs, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ stars Andrew Garfield as the heroic medic.

5 BAFTA Nominations

  • Adapted Screenplay
  • Leading Actor
  • Editing
  • Make Up & Hair
  • Sound

Moonlight - 17th February

A timeless story of the search for companionship, ‘Moonlight’ chronicles the life of a young black man named Chiron, as he grows up gay in a rough Miami neighbourhood.

From shy child to awkward adolescent to hardened adult, we follow Chiron’s journey through life as he struggles to figure out his place in the world, aided and abetted by his junkie mother, drug dealer mentor and best friend Kevin.

One of the most critically-acclaimed films of the year, ‘Moonlight’ is an enormously affecting and emotionally shattering portrait of one man’s search for self-discovery.

4 BAFTA Nominations

  • Best Film​
  • ​Original Screenplay​
  • Supporting Actor
  • Supporting Actress

Loving - 3rd February

'Loving' celebrates the real-life courage and commitment of Richard and Mildred Loving, a white man and African-American woman who fell in love and were married in 1958.

The state of Virginia, where they were making their home, sought to end their love story by first jailing and then banishing them.

But together they took a civil rights case, Loving v. Virginia, all the way to the Supreme Court, which reaffirmed the very foundation of the right to marry -- and their union became an inspiration to couples everywhere.

20th Century Women - 10th February

The story of three women who explore love and freedom in Southern California during the late 1970s.

'20th Century Women' stars Annette Bening, Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig in a charming comedy drama.

Gold - 3rd February

Kenny Wells has lost everything. A hustler and a dreamer, he’s waiting for a break that just won’t come. In desperation, he heads to the Indonesian jungle, hunting for ‘Gold’.

Teaming up with an equally luckless geologist, they set up in the jungle and begin their search. Against all odds, they strike gold – possibly the biggest find of the decade. And even a little gold can change everything about a person.

Matthew McConaughey, Bryce Dallas Howard and Edgar Ramirez star in ‘Gold’, a thrilling drama inspired by true events and directed by Stephen Gaghan.

Toni Erdmann - 3rd February

'Toni Erdmann' (Peter Simonischek) is Winfried, 65, a music teacher with a strong penchant for jokes, who lives with his old dog. His daughter Ines (Sandra Huller) is a career woman who travels around the world in order to optimize companies.

Father and daughter could therefore not be more different. He, the soulful, socially romantic '68. She, the rational management consultant who tries to raise her profile at a major outsourcing project in Romania to compete in a mans world.

BAFTA Nominated for 

  • Best Film Not in the English Language
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