Brazilian Film Festival of London

Brazilian Film Festival of London
Brazilian Film Festival of London schedule

Orfeu (1999) - 9 May 2014, 18:00 (110 min)

Orfeu retells the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice - set in the modern context of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Shifting from the unvarnished brutality of drugs raids and lynch mobs to the glittering spectacle of Carnival, this romantic and dynamically beautiful film is full of life and energy. Soundtrack composed by Caetano Veloso.

Director:  Carlos Diegues

Cast:  Toni Garrido, Patrícia França, Murilo Benício, Zezé Motta

Grace (2013) - 9 May 2014, 20:30 (15 min)

Grace is a synchronised swimmer facing challenges with her own body. Underwater she dives into her innermost self.

Director:  Anna Clara Peltier

Cast:  Laura Miccuci, Deborah Olivieri

Grace will screen beofre Never Too Old To Meow

Never Too Old to Meow (Gata Velha Ainda Mia, 2013) - 9 May 2014, 20:30 (90 min)

Gloria Polk, a decadent bitter old writer, decides at last to open her house to a young journalist who lives in the same apartment building, for an interview about her return to literature after a long break. Never Too Old To Meow is a film about relationships, ageing and also about writers' maddening creation process.

Director:  Raphael Primot

Cast:  Regina Duarte, Bárbara Paz

Memories of Maura (Lembranças de Maura, 2013) - 10 May 2014, 16:00 (16 min)

Alice, at the age of eight, moves with her parents to live with her grandmother, who suffers from a degenerative disease. She will then have to learn how to deal with this new reality.

Director:  Bruna Lessa

Cast:  Berta Zemel, Catarina Jancso, Mariana Senne, Marcos Suchara

Memories of Maura will screen before Rio Of Faith

Rio of Faith (Rio de Fé, 2013) - 10 May 2014, 16:00 (85 min)

Rio of Faith, A meeting with Pope Francis is a documentary about World Youth Day, held in Rio de Janeiro from 23 - 28 July 2013 gathering 3.7 million young people from all over the world. This event was the first Pope Francisco’s trip abroad since assuming the papacy in March of the same year. The film shows the confluence between the city of Rio de Janeiro and the message conveyed through the Christian faith.

Director:  Carlos Diegues

Casimiro Effect (Efeito Casimiro, 2013) - 10 May 2014, 18:00 (15 min)

The true story of the most important and unknown Brazilian UFO event which took place in the quiet Casimiro de Abreu town in 1980.

Director:  Clarice Saliby

Casimiro Effect will screen before City Of God - 10 Years Later

City of God - 10 Years Later (Cidade de Deus, 10 Anos Depois, 2013) - 10 May 2014, 18:00 (70 min)

City of God - 10 Years Later investigates the fate of the actors who participated in the award winning film, directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund. This documentary shows the different results, due to the worldwide success of the film City of God, on the life of the cast. 

Directors:  Cavi Borges, Luciano Vidigal

Cast:  Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Roberta Rodrigues, Jonathan Haagensen, Seu Jorge

Grandpa's Razor (A Navalha do Avô, 2013) - 10 May 2014, 20:30 (23 min)

Jose's life is changing. His grandson begins to realise.

Director:  Pedro Jorge

Cast: Kauê Telloli, Jean-Claude Bernardet, Sônia Guedes, Luiz Serra

Grandpa's Razor will screen before Tattoo

Tattoo (Tatuagem, 2013) - 10 May 2014, 20:30 (110 min)

In a cabaret-like theater a group of artists challenges conventional morality with theater plays and public interferences. Led by Clécio Wanderley, the troupe practices political resistance through anarchy and mockery. Wanderley’s life changes when he meets Fininha, an 18 year old boy from the country. This encounter represents a bold metamorphosis for both of their universes, an encounter that sticks as permanently as a tattoo, a sign carried forever in one’s soul.

Director:  Hilton Lacerda

Cast:  Irandhir Santos , Jesuíta Barbosa, Rodrigo García, Sílvio Restiffe

Vinicius, the movie (2005) - 11 May 2014, 16:00 (122 min)

The life, work, family, friends and loves of Vinicius de Moraes, author of over 400 poems and about 400 lyrics. The creative essence of the philosopher and the transformations of Rio de Janeiro through rare archive material, interviews and the performance of many of his classics.   

Director:  Miguel Faria Jr.

Cast:  Camila Morgado, Ricardo Blat 

Brazilian Film Festival of London - The Burning

The Burning (A Quiema, 2013) - 11 May 2014, 18:00 (13 min)

In the mythical universe that permeates sugarcane plantation, amongst mysterious traditions relating to the burning of crops, Macário appears to stop the fire, three days prior to the burning.

Director:  Diego Benevides

Cast:  Seu Tião, Dona Bola, Gilson Veríssimo, Jéssica Marcolino

The Burning will screen before Meeting Sebastião Salgado

Meeting Sebastião Salgado (Revelando Sebastião Salgado, 2013) - 11 May 2014, 18:00 (75 min)

Meeting Sebastião Salgado is the first Brazilian documentary about one of the most important and unique photographers in contemporary photography.  Salgado reveals the beginning of his career in 1973, the importance of photojournalism in his life, his creative process, his on-the-road lifestyle and personal life.

Director:  Betse de Paula

Paleolito, 2013 - 11 May 2014, 20:30 (6 min)

The animated adventures of a caveman and his daily search for food. Inside a cave the hunter sees the awakening of his ally Paleolito and together they hunt a hefty and moody mammoth.

Directors:  Ismael Lito, Gabriel Calegario

Paleolito will screen before First Day Any Year

First Day Any Year (Primiero Dia Um Ano Qualquer, 2013) - 11 May 2014, 20:30 (81 min)

The movie begins at sunrise and ends with the last sunray hiding in the mountains during the first day of the year. Many characters pass along, all in crisis, to then realize that life goes on and the world will not end. A touching and funny comedy where many of the characters are seeking a meaning for life.

Director:  Domingos Oliveira

Cast:  Maitê Proença, Priscila Rozenbaum, Domingos Oliveira

Sylvia (2013) - 12 May 2014, 18:00 (17 min)

Sylvia is a young woman who works as a street vendor in Londrina, Brazil. Most of her free time is spent in a boxing gym, where she meets Nathalia, and they become friends. Their relationship takes a toll when circumstances put the girls in opposite sides of the law.

Director:  Artur Iankievicz

Cast:  Juliana do Espirito Santo, Daniele Dias, Karen Debertolis

Sylvia will screen before The Invisible Collection

The Invisible Collection (A Coleção Invisível, 2013) - 12 May 2014, 18:00 (89 mins)

Beto divides his time between partying and jobs without prospect. After the death of his friends in a car accident, he returns to the family business. To solve the financial bind of the antique shop, Beto travels to the Brazilian countryside, in search of a collection of rare drawings. The journey irrevocably changes the young man's soul.

Director:  Bernard Attal

Cast:  Vladimir Brichta, Walmor Chagas, Ludmila Rosa

Brazilian Film Festival of London - Jessy

Jessy (2013) - 12 May 2014, 20:30 (15 min)

Jessica Cristopherry! That was the name of all Paula Lice´s childhood characters. As an actress, playwright and woman, Paula counts on godmothers to bring Jessica to life and fulfill her wish of becoming a drag queen.

Directors:  Paula Lice, Ronei  Jorge, Rodrigo Luna  

Cast:  Paula Lice, Aldo Zeck, Bruno Santiago

Jessy will screen before The Dognapper

The Dognapper (Mato Sem Cachorro, 2013) - 12 May 2014, 20:30 (121 min)

Deco is a thirty year old slacker. His only true accomplishment is his dating Zoe, a young and ambitious radio producer. But after a while, Zoe dumps him and takes full custody of their dog, Guto. Deco then decides to take action for the first time in his life.

Director:  Pedro Amorim

Cast:  Bruno Gagliasso, Leandra Leal, Danilo Gentili

Bald Mountain (Serra Pelada, 2013) - 13 May 2014, 20:30 (100 min), plus award ceremony

In 1980, when friends Juliano and Joaquim leave the city of São Paulo in search of their dream to find gold they arrive at the Amazon Rainforest like thousands of other men, full of dreams and illusions. The obsession for power and wealth destroys them: Juliano becomes a gangster and Joaquim leaves his core values behind. A story about the gold fever, greed and violence. 

Director:  Heitor Dhalia

Cast:  Wagner Moura, Juliano Cazarré, Júlio Andrade

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