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Corporate Social Responsibility


ODEON operates within a responsible environmental and social framework, driving towards increased efficiencies and sustainability.

The integration of environmental sustainability into business operations continues to deliver improvements to ODEON’s carbon footprint, the cultural shift in employee behaviour playing a large part in delivering these results.

ODEON is committed to increasing the awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by implementing practices that protect our environment, and at the same time promote engagement among stakeholders with local communities covering various key environmental and social issues.

Key practices

  • Environmental impact
  • Charitable donations
  • Community involvement
  • Bright Futures
  • Accessibility
  • Film piracy
  • Healthier food and drink

Environmental Impact

We’re committed to continuous improvement as we reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Not only is this the right thing to do, it’s proven to be great for our business. Our culture of environmental responsibility makes us think creatively and be leaner and more efficient.

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Carbon Footprint

ODEON is committed to its carbon reduction programme, making select investments that contribute significant cost-savings through energy efficiency. This has involved all parts of the business with ‘Energy Champions’ at all of our cinemas and a special award for ‘Energy Champion’ cinema of the year. The role of the ‘Energy Champion’ is to ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of minimising energy consumption and to share ideas and best practice across the business – resulting in initiatives such as switching to low consumption LED lighting.

We are also aware of the benefits which come with new technology and actively look for opportunities to incorporate low energy equipment and ways of working. This has resulted in reductions in energy consumption from replacements of printers through to Air Conditioning units.

We are also trialing our 'Electronic Ticketing' facility which will remove the need for printed tickets and the need for the production and delivery of the paper ticket stock into our cinemas. Also our move to screening digital versions of films has removed the need to create over 18,000 polyester prints of feature films each year in the UK and Ireland - along with the chemicals used in their creation and disposal and, more importantly, the carbon footprint impact from flying the prints around the globe.

We are very proud of our work in this area and will continue to reduce emissions further in the next few years.



We remain committed to continual improvement in our waste and recycling management.

We have a Waste Management Plan in place at all of our cinemas to identify opportunities to improve our performance in terms of waste recycling and thereby reduce the proportion of our waste which ends up in landfill sites. In 2011 we rolled out recycling bins to all our cinemas which resulted in excess of 20% of our waste output being recycled. In 2013 we have take this a stage further by implementing a scheme alongside our waste collection company to move towards recycling all our waste by splitting it into Dry Mix Recycling and General Foodstuffs which will allow for more targeted recycling opportunities. Both initiatives have proven to be cost effective as well as being key drivers for behavioural change in support of sustainability.

Did you know that ODEON was one of the first national cinema chains to promote the reuse and recycling of 3D glasses? Prior to May 2010, we used to collect the glasses at the end of each showing and send them to be recycled – however this was very wasteful as the glasses had to be specially transported, washed and dried before being sent back to our cinemas. Now over 60% of our customers reuse their glasses on their subsequent visits.

Charitable Donations


An ODEON cinema is everyone’s cinema and because of that we’re passionate about people.

ODEON teams in the UK and Ireland have raised over £1 million for two children’s charities; the NSPCC and Variety. We’ve been able to achieve so much with the passion and generosity shown by our colleagues, guests and industry partners.  Our charity committee focuses on helping our team to raise money with more than just a whip around. Putting their money where their mouth is, our team has baked off, auctioned off and headed off on sponsored treks up mountains. There is no limit to the energy and enthusiasm we extend.

Our new partner - Mind

ODEON and UCI Cinemas are proud to announce our partnership with mental health charities MIND in the UK and Action for Mental Health in Scotland and Niamh and Aware in Ireland.

We’ll be working with Mind and their partners on a number of key collaborations and involving colleagues personally through volunteering opportunities and a series of exciting events, mobilising all of the ODEON troops to raise funds for the charities. Look out for activities happening in your local cinema to get involved!

But is it enough? No. We won't just be raising funds, we are committed to working with our partners to raise awareness of mental health issues and the support available to all of our colleagues and guests.  Did you know that MIND’s statistics show that 1 in 4 adults will experience mental health issues? That’s 1250 ODEON colleagues! With that in mind, we’ll be actively taking accountability for our colleagues’ welfare and wellbeing, promoting good mental health in the workplace and improving working practices.

A word from out partner Mind: 'The money raised by ODEON’s partnership could help us to support thousands of people by offering information and advice so that people can access support and take the first steps towards better managing their mental health. This could be through our Infoline, helping us to answer more phone calls, emails or texts, or through our online peer support community ‘Elefriends’. We also fund new projects for people with mental health problems to get support in their communities through our network of local Minds.'

For more information about mental health and the work of our charity partners please visit the website  www.mind.org.uk (opens in new window)

Our Irish Partner - AWARE

Aware is the national organisation providing support, education and information around depression and bipolar disorder since 1985.

The organisation also offers a range of positive mental health programmes to individuals, families, students and employees nationwide, all aimed at helping people to manage their mental health and build resilience.

The organisation’s support services use a proactive approach which give people the opportunity to acknowledge particular concerns and challenges, and importantly to focus on helpful actions available to them. All of Aware’s services help users learn more about their condition as well as coping skills to help manage and minimise its impact on their life.

Aware’s education programmes, which include free Life Skills Group and Online options based on principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), help participants learn new ways of dealing with life challenges and everyday concerns. Independent evaluations have shown that these programmes have a significant positive impact on symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Each year thousands of people throughout Ireland benefit from Aware’s services.

Aware relies on fundraising events, corporate and public donations for 85% of its funding each year and is hugely appreciative to all of the people who support its work.

If you would like to find out more about Aware’s work or how you can get involved, please see aware.ie; follow on Facebook (AwareIreland), Twitter (@Aware), or connect on LinkedIn.

Our previous partners - NSPCC & Variety

Our work with the NSPCC and Variety – The Children’s Charity.

For Variety, our support funded customised, state-of-the-art wheelchairs, “Sunshine Coaches” and other vital pieces of equipment for children up and down the country. In recognition of the fantastic fund raising efforts of ODEON teams, Variety International awarded us its prestigious Corporate Award for outstanding support.

For more information please visit Variety (opens in new window).

Our support for the NSPCC has, among other initiatives, directly allowed them to recruit and train 31 volunteers to deliver assemblies in 11 schools throughout the UK.

For more information please visit NSPCC (opens in new window).


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Community Involvement

Bringing People Together

Bringing People Together

Cinemas are used as meeting places for purposes other than only films. We have developed a range of sub-brands which cater for the needs of special interest groups such as our Newbies screenings for parents or guardians with new babies or our Senior Screen where we have seasons of films for a more mature audience. These screenings are the ideal place to meet-up with friends and acquaintances to relax, get a drink and have a chat before or after the film.

ODEON also screen a range of alternative content offerings. To date we have successfully offered our guests a diverse range of digital programming including opera, ballet, theatre, rugby, live Formula 1 racing, international football and contemporary music events.

With ODEON’s strong heritage we have always supported the British Film Industry. We are proud to continue this commitment in supporting the very best of British film-making and have pledged to support the industry to ensure its continued growth with our ‘Back British Film’ initiative. Find out more about Back British Film.

Local Initiatives

Local Initiatives

ODEON continues to support local communities and seeks to be an integral part of local life.

The flexibility of Digital Cinema equipment has also opened up new opportunities for regional businesses to advertise within, and present at their local cinema, and for schools and community groups to undertake their own film festivals, putting their own creative works up on the silver screen. We also adapt our range of films to the needs of the local communities with our Bollywood screenings proving to be very popular in certain locations. A number of our cinemas are also hired out on a regular basis to a wide cross section of our community including religious, educational and youth groups.

We are also heavily involved in schemes to develop the cinema-going audience of the future by promoting education through film and supporting teachers by bring learning to life through an innovative mix of education resources, filmmaking support, pupil premieres, national competitions and awards alongside a massive free screening programme of selected films in cinemas across the UK. The objective is to inspire young people to watch and understand films in new and creative ways that support their education and personal development whilst building a lifelong passion for film and genuine content. Previously this has involved working within the ‘National Schools Film Week’ scheme but from 2013 this is changing to the ‘’National Youth Film Festival” organised by Film Nation UK and supported by the BFI, Cinema First and TES.

For more information please visit Film Nation UK (opens in new window).


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Founded in 2008, the Bright Futures Project was inspired by a successful placement scheme in the US that engaged disaffected students and encouraged them to raise their career and academic aspirations.

Based on the results that had been achieved across the Atlantic, it was decided to trial a similar programme in the UK and the Bright Futures Project was born. The project is part of the Bright Futures Educational Trust.  The scheme is unique in offering a placement that delivers real responsibility and accountability, with students spending one day per week in the workplace for a whole academic year. This experience gives young people the opportunity to become part of a team and the chance to develop skills that will set them up for their future careers.

Students started the first placements at ODEON Cinemas in September 2010, with 12 young people enrolled in a pilot scheme. It quickly became clear that the programme was having a huge impact on their outlook and their sense of achievement.

In the words of one student, “The programme really is a unique experience that every student should have the opportunity to do. You learn a lot, especially about working with adults.” The ODEON project has been so successful, in fact, that it has been used as a showcase for businesses considering similar schemes.

ODEON has now worked with three Manchester schools, giving a number of their students’ business experience and a taste of how they could fit into a commercial organisation. They also attend the annual management conference in London and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the ODEON Printworks IMAX cinema in Manchester.

A recent student on the programme commented, “I’ve really enjoyed learning about things that I had no idea about such as accounts and operations. Without these behind-the-scenes teams, the whole ODEON company wouldn’t work.”

Schools that have been involved in this programme are full of praise for the commitment of ODEON employees, their professionalism, mentor support and encouragement. It’s widely encouraged that the experience has helped to raise the aspirations of the students and, in many cases, opened their eyes to career paths they might not otherwise have considered.

The Bright Futures Project has grown significantly nationwide since 2009 and it is hoped that it will continue to grow and provide opportunities for more students in different business sectors. ODEON is proud to be a part of the Bright Futures Project in providing unique opportunities for students.


We strive to deliver the service that people demand and deserve, and to create a culture and environment that eliminates unfair discrimination and which actively promotes productive working relationships based on the unique contribution of different individuals in all of our operations.

This applies to our employees as well as for our guests. ODEON continues to work closely with the Business Disability Forum.  The Forum is a not-for-profit organisation which has more than twenty years experience in providing advice and support to make it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people.

We are committed to the ongoing management of the day to day health, safety and welfare of all our customers, employees and contractors and have a strong health and safety ethos with a full programme of audits, assessments and development initiatives to ensure that all our cinemas continue to deliver high standards.

Wherever possible it is our intention to ensure that all our premises and facilities are accessible whatever the nature of disability.  Our website has been reviewed by a specialist agency to ensure that we are delivering the highest standards to our guests with disabilities. 

ODEON is also proud to be part of The Cinema Exhibitors' Association (CEA) Card scheme, a national concessionary card to allow people with disabilities can obtain one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema. Also, for guests with hearing loss, we provide special headsets to help them to hear the soundtrack or special subtitled screenings. Similarly, for visually impaired guests the headsets can be set to play a special Audio Descriptive soundtrack.

We realise that it is important to provide a consistent approach to disability awareness training and we are proud to having been involved in the development, in partnership with the CEA, of a cross-industry film called 'Welcoming Disabled Customers' which is being used not only by ODEON employees but across the cinema exhibition industry.

ODEON was the first national UK chain to launch Autism Friendly Screenings which have subtle changes to the cinema environment which mean that people who have sensory difficulties have a more positive experience than they would in a traditional cinema setting.  These screenings have been held at 11:30am on one Sunday per month since 2011 and now play at over 90 ODEON cinemas.

Find out more about Accessibility at ODEON.

Film Piracy

ODEON has always worked closely with industry bodies to combat the risk of theft of film content as we see this as a key risk to the future health and development of the film industry.

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The copyright infringing film content obtained for distribution via the internet and the production of illegal DVDs is predominantly obtained from illegal recording in cinemas and we work closely with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) to develop processes and systems to reduce this risk.

With the advances in technology, smaller, more compact devices are being used to record sound and vision and ODEON is constantly updating our procedures and system to ensure that we can tackle this growing area of concern. We have a strong programme in place to combat, disrupt and (where applicable) report the illegal recording of film content to the police and other regulatory bodies.

We would ask for the help of all of our guests to combat these crimes and report any suspicious activity observed in-screen.

For more information please visit FACT (opens in new window).

Healthier Food And Drink


To enable our guests to adopt a healthier lifestyle, ODEON has made commitments to make changes to some of our food and drink offerings and to change how we communicate important information around our products.

This includes changes around how we label products and promote alcohol within our cinemas through to changing the recipes of some of our more popular food items to make them healthier but still just as tasty and fun to eat!

Many of these initiatives are included as part of ODEON’s commitment to the Department of Health’s “Public Health Responsibility Deal” to improve public health. For more information please visit the Department of Health (opens in new window).

If you have any questions or comments around healthier food and drink options, please visit our Contact Us page.

ODEON Food And Drink

Salt Reduction & Healthy Options

ODEON is fully aware of the health benefits of a low salt diet as part of a healthy lifestyle and has been working with its suppliers to improve the nutritional content of its food products.

The majority of our products are supplied by major manufacturers who are continually reviewing and improving the nutritional content of the products with the result that our popcorn, nacho, hot dog and sauce products have already been reformulated to reduce their salt content while ensuring they are still as tasty to eat. Where we introduce new products or suppliers, ODEON will ensure they are challenged to ensure we continue to focus on healthy eating options.

In addition, as part of an ongoing review of our product range, ODEON has recently re-launched its product selection for children with our KIDS MIX product which clearly shows the range of choices available to parents/carers and includes lower calorie options such as Rockin Raisins and Frootz (75% fruit content buttons).



Nutritional Information

The use of nutrition information is an important part of adopting a healthier lifestyle and ODEON is committed to providing this information in a range of easy to use formats.

We provide calorific information about our core products on our menu boards as well as providing more detailed information on request at all of our cinemas. 

This contains the calorific, nutritional, allergen and menu suitability information about our core products which is regularly updated.

Visit our Nutritional Information page for further information.






Clear Alcohol Labelling

ODEON is fully aware of the need to foster a culture of responsible drinking at our cinemas. We aim to provide better information to our Guests both about responsible drinking and to help them to make healthier choices. ODEON is working to ensure that by the end of 2013 we will only work with suppliers who can supply alcohol products with labels which give clear unit content, include the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines for lower-risk consumption and a warning about drinking when pregnant.

Alcohol Guidance

As part of enabling people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it is important that we provide our Guests with the information they require to be able to make an informed personal choice about some of our products. Where we sell alcoholic products at our licensed bars or restaurants, we are providing the unit content of alcohol information through the use of special Point of Sale materials as well as the British Beer and Pub Association “Customer Unit Awareness“ campaign materials around enjoying alcohol responsibly and being “Drinkaware”.

In addition, ODEON is complying with the Portman Group guidelines to ensure that alcohol is marketed in a socially responsible way and only to those aged over 18. ODEON has also committed to ensure that no ODEON advertising concerning alcohol will be located within 100m of schools.

Tackling under-age alcohol sales

The “Challenge 21” scheme serves as a reminder to our Guests that it is illegal to purchase alcohol if they are under 18 (or to purchase on behalf of someone else who is under 18). It has been very successful as, according to the BBPA, over 90% of the key target age group of 18-24 year olds are aware of the scheme. ODEON is committed to further reduce and prevent under-age sales of alcohol by moving to the “Challenge 25” scheme which it will rigorously apply at all its cinemas where it sells alcoholic products.

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