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If you are interested in purchasing large numbers of tickets for promotional use, such as sales incentives or just to say 'Thank You' to your staff, please contact our Business to Business agency P&MM on 01908 303 445.

In general, ODEON do not offer a discount for group bookings. However, our Business to Business agency can offer discounted ticket for large corporate bookings or discounted vouchers which can be exchanged at our cinemas for tickets. If you are interested, please contact our Business to Business agency, Filmology on 0203 393 1377.

ODEON currently do not offer any such scheme. For current offers, please check our Offers & Promotions page.

We have a large number of different vouchers available, each has different terms and conditions, please check your voucher carefully for validity. At the present time we cannot accept bookings using paper vouchers via the internet. Bookings must be made in person at the cinema. There will always be a selection of films that your voucher can be used for, but please note that the use of vouchers may be restricted in the first 3 weeks of the release of a specific film - this is referred to as 'Free List Suspended' period. ODEON Gift Cards can be used to book online at www.odeon.co.uk , unfortunately these cannot be used on the Guest Service line.  If you are unsure of the validity of your voucher for a specific film and/or time, please call our Guest Service line, details of which can be found on our 'Contact Us' page, the link of which is located on this page where one of our friendly advisors wil be happy to answer any query.

We have the details of the seasons in advance and you can see the full details by selecting 'What's on' and then selecting the special screening you require.

This will list the screenings for this week, and if you scroll down you will be able to see the season details we have available.

The Gallery is ODEON’s VIP experience available at selected cinemas. By upgrading your ticket, you can enjoy extra-wide seats with added leg room, unlimited popcorn, nachos and soft drinks.

You can also enjoy a drink in the private bar before your film (some cinemas do allow you to take your alcoholic drinks into the screen with you).  The Gallery is only available to over 18s.

In some of our cinemas you can choose either a standard seat or for a little bit more opt to purchase a wider and more comfortable "Premier" seat in the best position in the auditorium.

We try to ensure a wide choice of film product, however with Bollywood films in particular there are usually only a few film prints in the country, which we try our best to secure, but unfortunately this it isn't always possible.

Orange/EE Wednesday finished on Wednesday 25th February 2015.

MEERKAT MOVIES is the exciting new reward for customers of comparethemarket.com, offering 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a whole year when you buy a qualifying product*.

You can book your tickets in advance in cinema or online, for online redemption simply apply the voucher code in the 'Your Order' step of booking. 

*Comparethemarket terms and conditions

ODEON terms and conditions 

We have a large number of different vouchers available, each has different terms and conditions, please check your voucher carefully for validity. At the present time we cannot accept vouchers for over the phone or internet bookings. In these instances bookings must be made in person at the cinema. The only exceptions are ODEON Guest Passes/Tickets, which can be used to book over the telephone (please see the reverse of the guest pass/ticket for details) There will always be a selection of films that your voucher can be used for, but please note that the use of vouchers may be restricted in the first few weeks of the release of a specific film - this is referred to as 'Free Passes Restricted' period. If you wish to check the FPR (free pass restricted films) listed films please select this link (Opens in new window).

Please note that vouchers which only have a UCI logo (ie do not contain an ODEON logo as well) have restrictions on the cinemas which will accept the vouchers - for more information please select the Contact Us link located on this page.

Every Saturday and Sunday mornings we screen ODEON Kids films at selected cinemas

Chosen especially for the little ones, all ODEON Kids tickets are only £2.50*

We also run ODEON Kids every day throughout most school holidays – please check your cinema listings for more information.

*Prices at the cinema are £2.50 except at: Weston Super Mare (£2), Dundee, Bristol and Belfast (£1.50) and Worcester (£1) Dunfermline (£3) and Muswell Hill (£3).

Yes this is the full film. An advanced screening is simply a unique opportunity to see the film before anyone else!

All guests aged 18 and over will be charged the adult ticket price. Children 12 or under are charged the Child price while young adults between the ages of 13 and 17 can get the Teen rate (except at the BFI IMAX and The Lounge).

In addition, we also offer a student discount to adults aged 18 or over in full time education if they hold a valid form of ID such as NUS, NUS Associate, or ISIC (which must be presented at the Box Office to get the discount). 

Tickets purchased using a student card cannot be transferred to any other individual. Only the barer of the valid student card may use student tickets. The student card will be required for inspection at the ticket check point and any guest in possession of student ticket without an accompanying valid student card, will be required up upgrade, or may be refused entry.

Senior tickets are available to those aged 60 years and over. Please note proof of age may be required (e.g. birth certificate or senior citizens bus pass).

You cannot earn ODEON Points on Gift Card/Voucher purchases. ODEON Points will be allocated when the Gift Card/Vouchers are redeemed to purchase tickets or food and drink

To find a cinemas ticket price, please go to the page of the cinema that you are planning to visit and click the 'prices' tab.

There will always be a selection of films that your voucher/passes can be used for, but please note that their use may be restricted in the first few weeks of the release of a specific film - this is referred to as 'Free Passes Restricted (FPR) period. If you wish to check the latest list of FPR films please click here (Opens in new window). Please check the Terms & Conditions on your voucher/pass before visiting the cinema.

From the moment you open the star emblazoned doors of 'The Gallery' you'll realise you're about to experience something very special. Begin your evening by relaxing in the exclusive bar before going through to the licensed auditorium. Slide into the luxurious large seats and enjoy your film with unlimited soft drinks, popcorn and nachos. All that and the best view in the house.

The Gallery, which is available to over 18's only (excluding limited summer holiday teen screenings at Cardiff and Greenwich), can be experienced at the following ODEON cinemas: Cardiff, Greenwich, Liverpool One, Manchester, Metrocentre and Norwich.

D-BOX is a multi-sensorial revolution in cinema-going. Action and sound become motion.

Live the action with D-Box's patented Motion CodeTM technology - motion effects specifically programmed for the film are sent to your seat, creating an unmatched realistic immersive experience. Only the D-Box Motion System offers motion effects and intelligent vibrations perfectly synchronised with the action onscreen. The D-Box Motion system generates three types of movements - pitch, roll and heave - that move you forwards and backwards, from side to side and up and down. All of this combines to create the most amazing, all-encompassing cinema experience.

D-BOX is currently available at ODEON Liverpool ONE and ODEON Metrocentre.

All cinema information including prices can be found on your local ODEONs homepage.  Simply select the ODEON you wish to visit using the "Cinemas" at the top of each page then scroll down until you see the list of film times - you should then see a tab titled "Ticket Prices" which you can click to see the full list of tickets and prices.

Our ODEON Kids gives the whole family the chance to see their favourite films all over again. You don't have to be a member and the tickets are great value for money.  

ODEON Kids screenings are every Saturday and Sunday morning and during the school holidays they're on every day, so you'll never be stuck for entertainment. Please visit our ODEON Kids page for details of forthcoming ODEON Kids performances at your local ODEON by clicking here.

D-BOX is available to all ages, where children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Please refer to the D-BOX warning for specific detail on guest who should not use D-BOX seating.

Please read this important information before booking D-Box tickets:

  • The D-BOX motion system and motion enabled seats may be harmful to women who are pregnant, persons with heart conditions, persons with back, head or neck conditions or injuries, or those with other pre-existing medical conditions. The D-BOX system and motion-enabled seats should not be used by the persons described unless they have obtained advice from their doctor to do so.

  • The D-BOX motion system and motion enabled seats must not be used by children under the age of 12 years of age without adult or parental supervision. Booster seats must not be used on the D-Box motion-enabled seats.

  • Hot liquids must not be consumed or held whilst using the D-BOX motion system and motion enabled seats. 

  • Neither D-BOX Technologies Inc. nor ODEON shall be liable for loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents which arises from or is in any way connected with the use of the D-BOX motion system or motion-enabled seats where (a) there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by us or any of our employees or agents, and/or (b) such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach.

You can purchase a D-BOX seat just like any other seat. Look out for the D-BOX symbol next to the performances, simply click on your performance -you will then be able to select the number and type of tickets you require, make sure you select D-BOX.

When you are happy with your selection you will be asked to submit your email address, so that you can receive confirmation of your booking, and your payment details. At any point prior to entering your payment details you can abort the booking process or make amendments to your selection. 

No, the film has to be compatible and there are currently specific seats fitted ODEON Liverpool One and ODEON Metrocentre.

There is no additional cost for seeing the performance specifically in HFR, other than the usual upgrade costs which apply for 3D, IMAX and ISENSE performances.

‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ will be released on 13th December in multiple formats including 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, ISENSE and HFR 3D, HFR IMAX 3D, HFR ISENSE and 2D. 

2D performances of the ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ will be programmed and available to book nearer the time of the films release date.

To book tickets to see ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ in non-HFR format, please select this link.

Frame rates are the number of images (frames) displayed by a projector in one second. 24 frames per second (fps) is the current standard in cinemas worldwide. HFR 3D productions of 48 fps record and play visuals at twice the current rate.

HFR 3D has been developed as digital technology.

HFR 3D represents a technological advancement in the motion picture experience providing another option for cinema guests. Peter Jackson is pushing the boundaries of new filmmaking technologies on  ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ and shot the film on HFR 3D, so it is being released in that format in addition to traditional formats.

Yes. The HFR version of ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ will be available in 3D only.

We would love to be able to show this format in every cinema, but unfortunately we do not receive enough HFR copies of the film to play in every cinema. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Bargain Monday ticket prices vary across the UK so please visit your local cinemas page and click the “ticket price” tab  or speak to a member of our staff at the box office of your local ODEON for information.

Guests at ODEON can now take advantage of a great value offer - Bargain Monday. All day, every Monday guests can purchase a cinema ticket for the latest films at a fraction of the original price.

Sorry, the Bargain Monday offer is not available at all cinemas.

You will, of course, need 3D glasses. Our RealD 3D glasses are lightweight with a great design and are really comfortable to wear (and yes – they easily fit over prescription glasses).  They even come in two sizes; one for adults and one for children.


When you’re purchasing tickets you might need to purchase your 3D glasses separately as they don’t come with the ticket (does not apply to IMAX® 3D performances).  They only cost £1 and you can keep your 3D glasses to re-use next time (which saves money and is better for the environment). If the lenses become scratched or discoloured we would recommend getting a new pair.

Sorry this performance is sold out, please check for other available performances
Sorry, this performance is not available.
Sorry, this performance is only available at the box office.

Booking is temporary unavailable. Please try again later.

Free passes restricted - Find out more
This is an Audio Described Performance: This performance is Audio Described for the visually impaired via headphones available from the Box Office.
This is a Subtitled Performance: Displays subtitles on screen to benefit guests who may be hard of hearing.
Important - this performance is in the early hours of the date shown. E.g Tues 00:15 would be first showing, early hours of Tuesday morning/late night Monday. Find out more
Note - Please note this is an early morning AM performance for the date listed, not an afternoon/evening PM performance. Find out more