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Sophie is a young girl who lives in an orphanage. At three in the morning, when she’s the only one left awake, ‘The BFG’ appears at the window.

Soon, The Big Friendly Giant whisks her away from everything she’s known, and off onto an adventure. Together, they set out to capture the evil, man-eating giants who have been invading the human world.

Roald Dahl’s classic novel finally comes to the screen under the sure hand of Steven Spielberg, and stars Oscar winner Mark Rylance as ‘The BFG’.

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Whoppsy-Whiffling Reviews!

“A magical adaptation of Roald Dahl's adored children's tale ”

4 stars - Dave Calhoun - Time Out

“ A lovingly crafted, warm-hearted adaptation of the scrumdiddlyumptious Roald Dahl favourite ”

4 stars - Allan Hunter - The Express

“Mark Rylance makes Roald Dahl’s big softie completely believable in Steven Spielberg’s winning adaptation”

4 stars - Mark Kermode - The Observer

“Gentle, funny and truly spectacular”

4 stars - Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian

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Take a peek into Giant Country

Did you know

The BFG sees hit combo Spielberg (Director) and Melissa Mathison (Screenwriter) pair up for the first time since they made cinematic history with E.T.

Meet the giants

Everyone knows and loves The Big Friendly Giant, but he's not the only giant in Giant Country. Get to know the others below.


He's the brutal, bullying leader - he has a VERY bad temper and is always hungry


He's the second in command - he flatters others and is always scheming


He's mindless and trusting of others... to the point of disaster


He's the jock of the giants - the most competitive giant there is!

Meatdripper & Childchewer

They are very gruesome giants and have lots of funny superstitions...


He is the craftiest of the giants - although he does like to keep himself to himself


He is actually quite affectionate for a giant... but don't let that fool you!


He is the baby of the tribe - he drinks, he drools and he DESTROYS


Did you know the giants have their own languange? Next time you have a "babblement", why not drop in a little Gobblefunk.

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