The town of Rose Creek is being terrorised by tyrannical industrialist Bartholomew Bogue. Desperate for help and with nowhere else to turn, the townspeople seek salvation from ‘The Magnificent Seven’. 

They ask veteran gunslinger Sam Chisolm to help them, but he knows he can’t do it alone. Putting together a posse of seven outlaws, bounty hunters and hired guns, he faces an impossible fight against overwhelming odds – but the seven will be fighting for more than just money. 

A stellar cast including Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke saddle up for ‘The Magnificent Seven’, a modern vision of the classic Western. 

Meet the 7...


Denzel Washington takes the lead of The Magnificent Seven as Chisolm. 

“He’s a lonely, honorable, courageous man, not especially used to dealing with people.”

Chris Pratt joins in as Faraday, a gambler with a wise mouth but a cool hand with the pistol. 

“Faraday is a bit of a fox, a trickster,” says Pratt.  “He’s lighthearted, a gambler, a drinker, a cigar smoker, he loves the ladies – but he’s deadly. ”

“My character, Goodnight, is kind of a lost soul,” says Hawke.  “He’s a guy who probably hasn’t gone home after the Civil War, he just wandered out West."  

"They wouldn’t call it PTSD, but there is real trauma in treating life cheaply – in having absolute disregard for life and death. ”

Vincent D’Onofrio takes the part of Jack Horne, a mountain man who has survived on his own in the wilderness.

“Tomahawks, knives, a long rifle – it wasn’t just ‘draw your guns and shoot.’  I had to run around and break people’s necks, hatchet them.”

“Our casting director, Mary Vernieu, told us about Byung-hun Lee, and he came in and auditioned and blew everybody else away,” says Black. 

“It was his silent presence, his beautiful-looking face, and obviously his talent with the knives – his audition was just great.”

Garcia-Rulfo says that his character’s violence is all done with a twinkle in his eye. 

“Vasquez loves gunfighting.  He’s good at it,” he says.  “He’s clearly laughing when he’s fighting – he loves it.”

The seven are completed by Red Harvest, a Comanche Indian who joins the pack. 

The part is played by Martin Sensmeier, an actor of Koyukon-Athabascan and Tlingit Indian descent.  


Each of the seven got unique action designed by the director

BH is like a ballet dancer – very athletic, elegant, and regal – so we determined that he’d be better with the knives; he knew how to do that, so I decided that I could play with that skill. 

"Martin was better with the bow and arrow, because he had shot them before.”

“With an actor as powerful as Denzel, everything’s part of his character; you can’t design action and then think he’s going to fit into the action,” says Fuqua.  “I noticed how quick Denzel was with the draw – I think it’s because he’s a boxer; he uses those small, quick-twitch muscles.  So we decided that he would have one gun, not two – Chisolm is so precise that he only needs one gun.  And he has it on his side, hanging out, which is not a traditional way of holding a gun in a gunfight.  It’s something that he, as a character, developed.”

 Vincent was amazing – he was just like a bear.  He had a faith about what his character had developed into, so his action was very aggressive; this beast that comes out of him that just keeps coming and coming, and no matter what you do, he’s not going to stop. 

“What made Chris’s character’s action work was that he was bold – he wasn’t afraid to be shot, so he would walk right at you, shooting, playing chicken.  He knew he was a better shot than you, so he didn’t have to be quick – he just had to be precise. That also came out of rehearsal – during practice, Chris was almost like a Navy SEAL, coming right at you, so I started designing the action based on that. "

Manuel, during rehearsal, found it natural for him to take the guns out and spin them, so that became his thing; he’s good with two guns, and it developed that way. "

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