It's Back! And More Despicable Than Ever

Despicable Me 3 hits the screens on the 30th of June and it's even more despicable than the previous films.   With a bigger dose of cynical humour, incredible action, exquisite animation, brilliant characters and now...Minions’ rebellion! 

In the beginning there was a super villain. Then with a little effort, three young girls and a lot of minions we watched the bad guy come good.  After literally trading the moon for his newly adopted daughters in the first film and finding love with an Anti-Villain League agent in the second, the world is eagerly waiting to know what Gru has in store for us now.  One thing’s for sure, we can be prepared for lots of laughs, because it looks like the adventure will be more despicable than ever!

ODEON says...
Gru and the Minions are back in ‘Despicable Me 3’, and they’re meeting a new (if slightly familiar) face: Gru’s identical twin brother Dru. Well, almost identical – Dru has hair.

He’s successful, handsome and incredibly wealthy, and fixated on his family’s legacy of being supervillains. He wants Gru’s help, but Gru has left the life of crime behind. Just maybe, though, the promise of one last heist might be too much to resist…  

The smash hit franchise returns with ‘Despicable Me 3’, with Steve Carell once again providing the voice of Gru. And this time, he’s Dru too. 

More despicable than ever


MORE Villainous

A former child star who’s grown up obsessed with the shoulder-padded character he played in the ’80, still reeling from the fact that his own show was cancelled after he hit puberty. Can you imagine a better new evil villain?? In order to take vengeance, he decides to take over the world. Obviously. Ladies, gentlemen and minions, get ready for new and evilly nostalgic (for those lucky enough to have experienced the 80’s) moustached bad guy, Balthazar Bratt!


  • Why is it good to be bad?

The voice of Balthazar Bratt is given by none other than Trey Parker. iIf you don’t know his name, you’re sure to know his work. He's one of the creators and dubbing actors of the infamously devious adult animation South Park. Also, he's the creator of the acclaimed Broadway and West End musical ‘The Book of Mormon’. His disrespectful sense of humour and impeccable comedy credentials are sure to make ‘Bad’ never seem so good.


MORE Heroes

In Despicable Me 2 we met agent of the Anti- Villain League and now wife of Gru, Lucy. Of course she’s back, and as ½ of “Grucy”, more important than ever! Quick thinking, incredibly enthusiastic and cool-headed in an emergency, she is a super-spy with a deadly arsenal of weapons including flamethrower, zapp lipstick taser and mild moose tranquiliser darts. The most perfectly perfect woman in a world full of weird villains. 

  • Why is it more despicable?

Kristen Wiig will voice Lucy for the second time.  An A-list comedian, she’s famous for such cheeky films as Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters and Sausage Party. Shoulder-to-shoulder with Gru/Steve Carell these two make the power comedy couple to beat and definitely one of the most despicable duo in Hollywood.

As if one evil mastermind wasn’t enough... Despicable Me 3 not only will show Gru, tempted to embrace his villainous ways again, but now we get to see weird family bonds play out with the introduction of his fully blonde and despicable twin brother Dru. We can expect to see some hilarious sibling rivalry afoot! 

  • Why is it more despicable? 

Steve Carell is lending his talented and uniquely funny voice to both Gru and Dru. The latter being played with an accent somewhere between Mexican and Hungarian.    



MORE Minions

  • Hard times ahead....

Minions have been patiently waiting for Gru to get over his phase of being good, but when that doesn’t come, Mel is the one who can’t take it anymore. Watch the minions get tough, rough, and unionised.



MORE '80s Themed Jokes

Fancy costumes. Shoulder Pads. Moustaches, Big Hair, Moonwalking! If you need some laughs, the 80s is an endless mine of comedy gold. That’s why this nostalgic and sometimes insane style is back in Despicable Me 3. With great music, eccentric characters, bright colours and ridiculous high top fades.  

  • Why is it good to be bad?

A gothic and dark geek like Gru vs Bhaltazar Bratt, a man wearing a purple jumpsuit with shoulder pads and parachute pants, using a Yo-Yo as a weapon, explosive Rubik’s cubes and deadly Moonwalking. Surely one of the smoothest criminal battles ever!

Even a child knows that No minions = No party.  Kevin, Bob and Stuart more recognisable than whatever boy band is topping the charts these days, and they will continue their world domination with antics to amuse both adults and children alike in Despicable Me 3 too. But fans all around the world will surely enjoy learning about a new Minion character we’ll meet in the film – the mutinous leader Mel. Possessed of a unique Minion ability to strike out on a path set by his own gumption and inclinations, Mel is sure to shake things up. 

MORE Success

With Despicable Me 2 making close to a billion dollars worldwide and the with the great spin-off Minions added to the mix, this Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures  animated franchise became the first non-Disney animation to go beyond the eye-wateringly huge box office benchmark. And with Despicable Me 3 kicking off the summer, Gru & co. Are ready to prove to be a winning team again...

  • Hard times ahead...

What is the recipe for a ‘despicable’ success? Superb animation, an excellent cast and a brilliant script full of jokes and laughter. Despicable Me 3 has all of it and more!

MORE for Everyone

The joy of the Despicable Me films is they have the power to make both happy adults and happy kids. But we believe this time Despicable Me 3 is a lot more fun for everyone. Kids will love the slapstick action and ‘sophisticated’ language spoken by the Minions, while adults will feel happily nostalgia with the ’80 spirit and be thrilled by the impertinent sense of humour brought by Trey Parker. 

  • Why is it more despicable?

Every film has a message and Despicable Me taught us the importance of family in life. But what happens when your family is a despicable rich blonde twin brother or your own Minions cause a lot of trouble?  Let's find out...



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