• 20,000 props - 13,000 costumes - 5,000 weapons
    The Great Wall is a production on an EPIC scale

Reasons why you will LOVE The Great wall

Killer Cast

Hollywood masters Damon + Defoe plus legend (and there is no other way to describe him) of Chinese cinema Andy Lau offer a cinematic master class in how to kick butt.

Soooo many explosions

If a bit of a bang picks you up, get ready for the time of your life. This film has fight scenes to make Lord of the Rings ashamed, with explosions explosions and more explosions raining death on the enemies of mankind.

Based on a Legend

There's a reason legends survive. They're awesome stories. Take a legend, add some cinematic mastery and you get a modern take on a story that's been worth talking about for over 2000 years.

MASSIVE budget

What can you do when you know you're sitting on a great story? Invest money. What can you do with Money? Build a prop wall with over 200,000 bricks in it, make 5000 weapons, make 13000 costumes, make something that will be remembered!

Kick-Ass Armour

Why just kill monsters when you can kill them and look awesome doing it. The Great Wall does it all with style.

Because life's too short not to Enjoy big loud heart-pulsing cinema!

Where else will you see elite Warriors who have trained their whole lives to defend their nation against unending hoards of mythical monsters in a battle for survival. Simply EPIC!

Discover the Film

‘The Great Wall’ of China took 1700 years to build and is 5500 miles long. But what exactly were the builders trying to keep out?

An unstoppable horde of monsters approaches the wall, and they want only one thing – to feed on its defenders, and on everyone beyond it. The wall is humanity’s last line of defence, and an elite group of warriors will give everything in the war for it.

Join the battle to protect ‘The Great Wall’, from the director of ‘Hero’ and ‘House Of Flying Daggers’, and starring Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe.

The Director - Yimou Zhang

Among many career triumphs, he won global accolades for his magnificent staging of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympiad, a feat that fan and fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg called “the grandest spectacle of the New Millennium from this creative genius.” That accomplishment landed Zhang as runner-up for Time magazine’s 2008 Person of the Year.

“Watching Yimou, with his cinematic vision, translate the script into a unique way of creating spectacle is an unforgettable memory. He was quite interested in blending the cinema styles of Western tent-poles with Chinese filmmaking,” Charles Roven - Producer

“Zhang is a filmmaker that I’ve known about for many years”. “I saw Red Sorghum or Raise the Red Lantern first and, since then, I’ve seen all of his films. Just great, stunning work. In the West, he’s probably known more for certain films, but he’s got an incredible range. He’s done small films, elaborate action films, contemporary films, and fantasy films." - Willem Dafoe

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