How to make a Hollywood blockbuster like “The Mummy” in 5 simple steps

Ever wanted to make a film seen by Millions of people in every corner of the world, walk the Red Carpet and take in the applause of your adoring fans?  

Step 1 - Write a Killer Story

Simply head to your local coffee shop and write something that will change the world. A story so powerful that it will live forever, retold anew for every generation.

Hopefully you’ll manage to create something as good as “The Mummy” a story that’s been captivating the world since film began.

Step 2 - Book the Talent

You’ve got your story, now you need to pick up some stars, if you can get them how about:

  • World’s biggest action star (Tom Cruise) - Check
  • Beautiful talented (British) co star... (There’s always a Brit in a Hollywood blockbuster)  (Annabelle Wallis) - Check
  • Hauntingly evil baddie (Sofia Boutella)  – Check
  • Respected aging Hollywood stalwart with tangible gravitas (Russel Crowe) - Check
  • The funny one (and it this case rather talented) (Jake Johnson) - Check

Step 3 - Sets

Authenticity is key, CGI is great but if you want people to really believe you’ve got build it.

Bare minimum would be:

  • 50 sets on 3 continents. 
  • A 15,000-square foot headquarters,
  • A plane, actually 2 planes!
  • A 70 foot ship
  • A river (yes they actually built a flowing section of river)
  • A bridge over that river of course, shipping in 30 tonnes of shale for an authentic look
  • And of course at some point borrowing the 25 million specimens at the Natural History Museum for filming there (maybe not all in the shot at once)

Step 4 - Stunts!

Nothing shows a film’s blockbuster pedigre more than its stunt work. The Mummy of course takes this to the next level. FYI if you want to follow in it’s footsteps and crash a plane what you’ll need is:

  • Specialist advice on how a plane breaks apart from the Royal airforce,
  • A 20 ton tilting set plus exact replica in an identical AirbusA310 to be flown into ZERO-G.
  • 16 weeks to build it
  • Months to train actors worth million pounds to go inside (probably lot’s of insurance!) ,
  • 64 parabolic weightless flights

And at the end you’ll have 20 seconds of glorious footage.

Step 5 - $$$$ Money

So we’ve got the sets, the stunts, the stars, we’ve got the props, the costumes and a killer story to tie it all together. But how much do we need to pay for it....

About $125,000,000 should just about do it... Better check behind the sofa. 

Who knows, you might even get yourself a franchise.  with Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) alongside Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe), we can expect to see some true horror icons re-imagined; including Van Helsing, The Invisible Man (with Johnny Depp), Frankenstein's Monster (Javier Bardem) and Bride of Frankenstein.


Ok so maybe it's not that simple to make a Hollywood Blockbuster... If you want to see how it's done watch The Mummy - Out now

ODEON says...
Princess Ahmanet is ‘The Mummy’, an ancient Egyptian princess who was entombed beneath the desert, and who has awoken to claim what is hers and wreak her vengeance upon mankind. 

Over the millennia of her imprisonment, her anger and hatred has only grown, and she brings with her horrors beyond human comprehension. She could destroy everything, and only Nick Morton has a chance of stopping her.

Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters with ‘The Mummy’, resurrecting the classic monster franchise with Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

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