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Zach’s life takes an unexpected turn for the better when he meets the beautiful girl next door, Hannah. Unfortunately, her father is R.L. Stine, the author of the ‘Goosebumps’ books.

It turns out that Stine’s manuscripts are magical – the monsters that he made famous are kept locked away inside them. When Zach accidentally unleashes them, it’s up to him to put the Abominable Snowman, a werewolf and a giant praying mantis back where they belong.

The beloved books get the long-awaited adaptation they deserve with ‘Goosebumps’, a film for the whole family to be frightened by!

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  • Released on
  • Genre
    Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
  • Cast members
    Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush
  • Running time
    103 minutes
  • Directed by
    Rob Letterman
  • Language


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Reviews in the press

4 Stars
“ This modern riff on Monster Squad is a very pleasant surprise... The decision to deploy Stine as a character is a masterstroke, leading to a succession of gloriously meta moments ”

4 Stars
“ Should hit the spot for all ages, especially anyone nostalgic for tongue-in-cheek monster movies like Gremlins and Ghostbusters ”

3 Stars
“ An ingenious action-comedy ”

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Great film


Goosebumps was incredible Jack Black was brilliant as R.L Stine the effects were incredible even Slappy the dummy was hilarious highly recommended to all who likes the goosebumps books and the original TV series


Reviewer: The_Mockingjay_RisesDate: 2016-02-19

So I've had the pleasure in reliving & reminiscing some good old childhood memories when watching RL Stine's Goosebumps. To see it come to life on the big screen was incredible, as a fan of the books and the original shows from the 90s, it was delightful to see it all been brought to life with all the characters and creations come to life, some I'd recognized and some I'd love to read more on. It was alot better than I had expected to be, since I were only slightly hesitant when seeing the trailers, but it was filled with laughs all around & a good cast and Ioved experiencing it with my mum.


Reviewer: Joanne GrubbDate: 2016-02-18

We went as a family of 2 kids aged 12 and 7 and both enjoyed Goosebumps. Funny,and action pack but for adults,it average films.

Good choice

Reviewer: Occasional filmgoerDate: 2016-02-17

Initailly the relatively low score put me off going to see this but my 13 year old wanted to se it so along we went and it was GREAT ! A few scary monents and good fast paced fun throughout. Definately an enteratining family film for the holidays.

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