Ouija: Origin Of Evil

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strong threat, horror

About this Film

Ouija: Origin Of Evil

ODEON says...
‘Ouija: Origin Of Evil' takes us back to 1967 Los Angeles, where a widowed mother and her daughters run a fake séance business to con people out of their money.

Unfortunately, people are starting to clue in to the fact that it's all a scam. In an attempt to drum up business, they buy a new prop for their séances: a ouija board. It works wonders for impressing their customers, but it's not long before Doris, the youngest daughter, starts acting strangely...

Go back to the beginning for ‘Ouija: Origin Of Evil', the terrifying prequel to the 2014 smash hit.

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  • Released on
  • Genre
    Horror, Thriller
  • Cast members
    Doug Jones, Elizabeth Reaser, Henry Thomas
  • Running time
    99 minutes
  • Directed by
    Mike Flanagan
  • Language


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Reviews & Ratings

Reviews in the press

3 Stars
“ The director injects plenty of fun into this story of supernatural possession ”

3 Stars
“ There’s plenty to admire here: strong performances (‘ET’ legend Henry Thomas is a welcome sight as a kindly priest), top-notch jump-scares ”

Summary of customer ratings

(UK & Ireland)

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Reviewer: Katherine DoddDate: 2016-11-04

Strange Film with no decent story line, Disappointing to say the least, Only bit is that you do get some bits which make you jump when least expecting it.


Reviewer: Butters Date: 2016-10-25

Forget the teen in peril original - this is more like The Conjuring in style. Slow, creepy and very well acted. Highly Recommended.

Overall good

Reviewer: FlamersheepDate: 2016-10-22

Is this movie worth seeing? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: This movie had all the things a horror needs to head in the right direction. Sure it has unnecessary scenes which most movies have, however, it's overall attempt to scare people headed in the exact right direction. It managed to pull off a decent story that was believable and challenging to the mind. A young girl contacting the spirit world only for herself to be possessed by a spirit has always gotta spook someone at least. In fact *Spoiler alert* during one part of the movie the little girl does a whole monologue on what it's like to be strangled (whilst possessed by the spirit). The description and detail of the writing was so creepy but at the same time so well written especially for a horror movie. Now because of the great graphic designs and CGI uses as well it made it an overall well written, well acted and a well... scary movie. I'd seen Annalise Basso three years ago in a movie called Oculus a horror movie I really wasn't a fan off however she managed to make the movie much more enjoyable with her incredible acting skills. For a young actress of 17 she's already doing very well in her acting career so good for her. Overall, if you enjoy movies that contact the spirit world but end up finding something completely different. This is the movie for you. It'll have you constantly on the edge of your seat with constant trick jump scares and a hell load of screaming. Good luck. "Spirits guide you". Sorry poor choice of words. Good luck!

utter DROSS

Reviewer: phlukkeDate: 2016-10-21

wot a miserable and depressing waste of 35 mins. bored rigid as nothing happened so walked out. cliched , rehashed and totally unconvincing. avoid and save your money

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