Contains moderate violence, injury detail and infrequent strong language

About this Film

The classic '80s action film is re-imagined in this 'RoboCop' remake, which tells the tale of a cop turned crime-fighting cyborg.

Set in 2028 in Detroit, Joel Kinnaman takes the lead as a cop who is injured in the line of duty. While he's on the brink of death, the powers that be at multinational corporation OmniCorp seize the opportunity to transform him into a law-enforcing hybrid that is part man, part machine...before sending him back out onto the mean streets.

'RoboCop' is directed by José Padilha (Elite Squad).

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  • Genre
    Action, Science Fiction
  • Running time
    118 minutes
  • Language

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Reviews in the press

Total Film - 4/5 Stars

Remake proves its mettle…

Set in a not-too-distant 2028, director José Padilha’s reboot pitches a world where mega-multinational OmniCorp – fronted by ruthless CEO Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) – has become the US military’s major contractor. Over in the Middle East, its soldier drones and heavy artillery ED-209 units are helping to ‘enforce’ the peace; back home, its advanced robotics department is helping injured soldiers to walk again. But despite their best efforts, there’s one area of business they haven’t yet cracked – securing America’s own streets.

With US citizens unwilling to accept a police force made up of faceless robots, Sellars devises an audacious solution – fuse a real cop with an artificial body. Enter Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a principled young detective left mortally wounded after a brutal assassination attempt. He’s a prime candidate for the public to rally behind: a family man with a fierce commitment to justice.

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Good Reboot

Reviewer: diddy_daveDate: 2014-02-28

As a big fan of the original film I was unsure if I would like this version but am pleased to say I loved it!!! It wasn't perfect but no film is!! It has a modern feel and some good acting! shame it wasn't a 18 like the original!!

Dead or alive

Reviewer: made me sleepDate: 2014-02-26

José Padilha has taken the cult 1987 hit that was Robocop, and remade it into a dull tale hampered by a bland lead, an overuse of CG in action and a heavy handed attempt at satire, making for a dull 118 minutes.

Dead or Alive

Reviewer: DaireDate: 2014-02-23

Just back from Robocop. On paper it was questionable. On the screen it all worked so well. It is not the original and it is not really a reboot, it is it's own take on the movie with updated Tech. Yes it could have used some ultra-violence but beyond that I have no real criticisms. Totally worth watching even for a hardcore die hard fan of the original like myself.

Dead or alive...

Reviewer: HuddyDate: 2014-02-20

you're boring me! Very slow film. Gary Oldman gives a stella performance. Apart from that, it's just a really dull film.

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