3D:  Touch The Film

Sit down. Get comfortable. Get ready. Now open your eyes, open your ears and open your imagination – this is 3D.

Digital RealD 3D technology brings you a wonderfully immersive experience: stunning 3D imagery and crystal-clear surround sound that puts you right at the heart of the film.

Enjoy great films like Avatar in 3D

What's So Great About 3D

An ultra-real experience

When you watch a film in RealD 3D, you feel as though you’ve stepped inside it. Superb image quality – crisp, bright and ultra-realistic – and stunning surround sound give you the impression that the story’s unfolding around you.

It’s fun: images pop out of the screen right in front of your eyes. It’s amazing: your senses are heightened as the film comes alive. It’s immersive: the film surrounds you. Get into the films with ODEON 3D.

The ODEON 3D experience

100% digital technology

Our 100% digital 3D is powered by the groundbreaking RealD Cinema System. When 3D films are made, two cameras are used, recording two slightly different viewpoints for every shot. These are then projected alternately as a left-eye image and a right-eye image (so quickly that you don’t notice).

Your RealD 3D glasses ensure that each eye sees the correct image, fooling your brain into thinking you’re seeing in three dimensions when, of course, there are only two. That’s it: very clever technology that brings your film to life.

ODEON 3D - RealD 3D

Pop on your 3D glasses

You will, of course, need 3D glasses. Our RealD 3D glasses are lightweight with a great design and are really comfortable to wear (and yes – they easily fit over prescription glasses).  They even come in two sizes; one for adults and one for children.

When you’re purchasing tickets you might need to purchase your 3D glasses separately as they don’t come with the ticket (does not apply to IMAX® 3D performances).  They only cost £1 and you can keep your 3D glasses to re-use next time (which saves money and is better for the environment). If the lenses become scratched or discoloured we would recommend getting a new pair.

RealD 3D Glasses

3D Films Coming Soon

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