Discover the total cinema experience with Dolby Cinema™

Dolby Cinema™ combines the most powerful image and sound technologies with inspired design to transform your visit into an unforgettable cinematic event.

Dolby Cinema™ delivers the total cinema experience. 

Dolby Vision™ brings the story alive before your eyes in dramatic, lifelike imaging. Films mastered in Dolby Vision have astonishing brightness, incomparable contrast, and captivating color.

Dolby Atmos® transports you into the movie with breathtakingly realistic, moving audio that fills the room and flows all around you. Behind, overhead, to the side—sound is located and moved around you in sync with the action on the screen.

Combined with inspired cinema design - including minimized visual distractions and a great line of sight from every seat in the house - everything comes together to pull you more deeply into the story and transform your visit into an event.

Dramatic Imaging - Dolby Vision™


Brightness, Darkness and Contrast

Astonishing brightness blazes from the screen with imagery that’s up
to twice as bright as a standard image. Deep darks provide a new level of richness and precision. Expanded contrast uses a much wider range of brights to darks to more closely  provide astonishing depth.

Detail and Dimensionality

Enhanced dimensionality emerges from the picture, with more lifelike forms that have realistic shadows and crisp edges to impart a subtle but convincing three-dimensional feel.


Dolby 3D maximizes brightness, clarity, and detail . Comfortable glasses have a large visual sweet spot, so you can see the complete picture without turning your head.

Moving Audio - Dolby Atmos®



Precise placement and movement of individual sounds throughout the cinema, even overhead, brings the story to life. Encompassing sound creates fuller, more immersive audio that puts you inside the action. 

Clarity and Detail

Lifelike nuance gives individual sounds their own unique characteristics - big or small, loud or quiet, focused or diffused- to more closely match your experience of sounds in the real world. 

Heightened Experience

Dolby Atmos delivers a breakthrough experience that leverages the latest Dolby advances in sound technology. Expressive impact from the incredible realism elevates your emotions and excites your senses to deliver a powerfully moving experience. 

Inspired Design

Minimised Distractions

Advanced cinema design eliminates visual and auditory distractions
so that when the movie starts, you’re fully engaged in the story.


Premium seats that are ergonomically designed maximize comfort and enjoyment throughout the show.  Reserved seating helps you get your favorite spot in the house, whether it’s just for you, your family, or group of friends.

Dolby Cinema™ at ODEON

A must-visit destination for film-lovers and premiere-goers alike, the first Dolby cinema in the UK is at ODEON Luxe Leicester Square in London. It combines state-of-the-art audio and visual technology with the grandeur of deco architecture to create an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Our newest Dolby Cinema™ screen is located at ODEON Birmingham Broadway Plaza. The auditorium hosts 235 fully reclining chairs, positioned carefully to create the ultimate cinematic event wherever you choose to sit.

ODEON Luxe Leicester Square

History meets the future at ODEON Luxe Leicester Square

This debut Dolby Cinema introduces the UK to the combination of Dolby Vision, the dual-laser projection system which offers spectacular, high-contrast, dramatic imaging, and the moving audio of Dolby Atmos, the proprietary audio technology that brings the story to life with with dynamic, emotive audio that flows around the room with pinpoint accuracy.



  • The movie truly shines in Dolby Vision™, a breakthrough imaging system, which delivers a dramatically different visual experience.
  • Films mastered in Dolby Vision have astonishing brightness, incomparable contrast, and captivating color.

MOVING AUDIO - Dolby Atmos

  • In the historic  auditorium, each and every person will be treated to a truly immersive experience, no matter where they sit, due to pitch-perfect acoustic calibration of the space.
  • Four hundred meticulously aligned speakers project sounds that can explosively fill the entire space or flit quietly overhead as the story unfolds.


  • Carefully preserving the historical significance of the auditorium, including the classic Royal Box balcony, the largest Dolby Cinema to date is thoughtfully designed to eliminate visual distractions, with clear sightlines for all premium seats and acoustic isolation construction.
  • Premium seats are positioned to provide a great line of sight for everyone while maximizing comfort and enjoyment.
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