Welcome to IMAX

The difference between seeing a film and living it

IMAX screens stretch from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall, creating a picture so big it feels like you’re inside the film. Yet somehow you can see every detail in the stunning, high-resolution screen. 

You also experience IMAX’s heart-pounding audio. Dozens of powerful speakers, placed all around you, ensure you can hear a pin drop and be able to tell exactly where it landed. 

Become part of the film, get caught up in the action and escape into another reality.

IMAX highlights

Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick was made to be experienced in IMAX.

The entire screen will be filled as intended by Director Joseph Kosinski, allowing moviegoers to experience more of the images with unprecedented crispness and clarity. Combined with next generation IMAX precision sound, audiences are in for a truly spectacular and immersive experience.

Read more on why your moviegoer mission has to be to see Top Gun: Maverick in IMAX.

Top Gun: Maverick in IMAX cinemas from May 25

IMAX Experience

Huge screens

IMAX takes the larger-than-life film experience and makes it even bigger and better. The monster-sized picture extends out of sight at every corner to fill your vision.

It’s all around you, drawing you into the action until you’re part of the film.

Superior picture

Experience the sharpest, brightest images thanks to IMAX’s incredible projection technology.

Notice subtle nuances in the actors’ expressions, see tiny details in perfect clarity and marvel at the dramatic colours on screen.  

Massive sound

Experience the performance of IMAX’s incredible speakers.

Feel the bass of an explosion vibrate through your whole body while also tuning into every subtle sound, every note, every pin drop.


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