Brilliant 3D

Don’t just see a film, reach out and touch it. 

Eye-popping scenes. Heart-stopping audio. Mind-blowing experiences. With our RealD 3D films, realistic scenes jump out of the screen and appear right in front of you. Battleships skim just inches from your nose. Swords swing towards you, making you want to duck.

Digital RealD technology propels you right into the heart of the action. The film you came to see becomes the experience you’ll never forget.

Experience Incredible 3D

The RealD difference

At ODEON, we only use the most advanced technology in our cinemas. That’s why many of our 3D films are shown in RealD projection technology to deliver a truly immersive experience, with stunning 3D imagery and crystal-clear surround sound.

Come to ODEON to experience the new dimension of 3D entertainment with RealD.

The magic behind 3D

When making 3D films, directors use two cameras to record two slightly different viewpoints of every shot. In cinemas, the footage is projected alternately as a left-eye image and a right-eye image so quickly that you don’t notice.

Then your RealD 3D glasses ensure that each eye sees the correct image, fooling your brain into thinking you’re seeing in three dimensions. 

Put on your RealD glasses

They’re lightweight and really comfortable to wear (and they easily fit over prescription glasses). RealD glasses also come in two sizes; one for adults and one for kids.

You can buy yours at the same time that you get your tickets. They only cost £1 and you can keep them to reuse next time (to save you money and help the environment).


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