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AccessAble work with ODEON to produce Accessibility Guides for all ODEON cinemas. AccessAble have been providing access information for 18 years now and are the UK’s most trusted source of access information.

AccessAble are visiting and assessing each ODEON cinema to collect factual information, measurements and to take photographs which when combined together create an Accessibility Guide. The information provided is totally pan disability covering much more than just steps, ramps and toilets. AccessAble look at everything from signage, lighting levels, seating, hearing assistance systems and much more. 

The ODEON Accessibility Guides will be constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that they are accurate and up to date. To view the Accessibility guides you can either visit the AccessAble ODEON website here -  https://www.accessable.co.uk/organisations/odeon, alternatively, download the AccessAble app on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store

Our autism-friendly screenings are special showings that have been subtly adapted to give autistic guests a more inspiring cinema experience. Brighter lighting. Lower volume. No trailers or advertisements. These changes combine to make the cinema a more inviting setting for our autistic guests.

For more information on these screenings please check our dedicated Autism pages

We believe everyone should have access to the magical film experience. So we’re committed to providing the facilities, equipment and processes needed to welcome disabled guests at our cinemas. For the most part, booking your tickets will be as normal, but below are a couple of small yet important differences to look out for.

If you’re booking for yourself or a small group and need a wheelchair space, first check your film is showing in a wheelchair accessible screen. If it is, then the rest is easy! Just click the wheelchair accessible option on the left, pick the number and type of tickets you want, and get set to be whisked away to another world.

As a member of the CEA Card scheme, we offer free tickets for carers. 


To use a CEA Card, you must first register a free account with us on the ODEON website.

Once registered and logged in, Under 'My ODEON', then 'My Details and Preferences', scroll down to Accessibility, and there will be an entry box for your CEA Card number.

Enter your card number and then click the appropriate Save button underneath.

From then on you will be able to book a carer ticket for any performance in any seating as long as you are logged in and your CEA Card is in date.


As part of our commitment to opening the inspiring cinema experience to all, we offer free entry to carers. If you’d like a carer to join you when you come to see us, just register your CEA card in the ‘My Details’ section of your online profile. From then on, every time you book, you’ll be given the option of a free carer ticket at the bottom of the 'Your Tickets' section when making your booking.

If you’d like your carer to come with you but don’t have a CEA card or your booking is a little on the complicated side, just call our accessibility helpline on 0800 138 3315.

Our audio-described screenings bring the on-screen action to life for our guests with visual impairments. If you have difficulty seeing the screen, just chat to the cinema host at your cinema box off and they’ll give you a set of headphones to wear.

During gaps in the film’s dialogue, a narrator’s voice will play through the headphones explaining all the action on screen. Meanwhile, the film’s soundtrack plays through the cinema soundsystem as normal. Which means guests can enjoy the film both with and without audio description.

Of course! Guide dogs and hearing dogs are always welcome at our screenings.

Just head to your cinema’s webpage! Go to the ‘Cinemas’ tab on our homepage and select your cinema. Then scroll down to the Accessibility section. You’ll find everything you need to know under the Accessibility tab.

Want to chat to someone about disabled facilities at your cinema? Just call our accessibility helpline on 0800 138 3315 (Textphone: 18001 0808 1560 609).

We believe the inspiring cinema experience is for all. So whenever a film comes out with captions, we do everything we can to book it. Just look out for our captioned and audio-described screenings in our listings.

Unfortunately, we can't show all films with captions every day, so we try to rotate screens and films to ensure over a month period we make our screenings as widely available as possible.


To use a CEA Card you must first register a free account with us on our ODEON website. Once registered and logged in, under 'My ODEON' then 'My details and Preferences' scroll down to Accessilbilty and there will be an entry box for your CEA Crad number. Enter your card number and then click the appropiate save button underneath. From then on you will be able to book a carer ticket for any performance in any seating as long as you are logged in and your CEA card is in date.


Les Miserables: The Stage Concert
Sorry this performance is sold out, please check for other available performances
Sorry, this performance is not available.
Sorry, this performance is only available at the box office.

Booking is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Free passes restricted - Find out more
This is an Audio Described Performance: This performance is Audio Described for the visually impaired via headphones available from the Box Office.
This is a Limitless Screening Performance: This performance is exclusive to ODEON Limitless members. If you’re not a member yet, join now.
This is a Subtitled Performance: Displays subtitles on screen to benefit guests who may be hard of hearing.
Important - this performance is in the early hours of the date shown. E.g Tues 00:15 would be first showing, early hours of Tuesday morning/late night Monday. Find out more
Note - Please note this is an early morning AM performance for the date listed, not an afternoon/evening PM performance. Find out more