Everything you need to know about Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s new crime thriller is so much more than your usual car chase movie, which is why we’re here to give you the full lowdown.

You’ve probably heard of Baby Driver, but don’t really know what it’s about except that it’s kind of about driving, right?  For starters, it’s written and directed by Edgar Wright who gave us the Three Flavours Cornetto film trilogy - Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End. Wright first dreamt up Baby Driver back in 1990 and believed in it so much that he dropped out of directing Ant-Man for Marvel Studios, turning his attention to bring Baby Driver to the big screen. 

The set-up

Baby Driver tells the story of a talented getaway driver by the name of Baby (yes, that’s his real name). Played by Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Stars and the Divergent movies), Baby is coerced into working for the mysterious and shady Doc (Kevin Spacey) who robs banks, armoured trucks, and anything else that is or isn’t nailed down. 

But Baby has a secret. His getaway skills desert him unless he’s listening to his all-important soundtrack. Due to an accident as a child, he suffers from tinnitus which leaves an almost constant ringing in his ears. To heighten his focus and reflexes he needs to listen to his beats. That transforms him into an unbelievable driver and that’s just what Doc needs.


Change of plans

Everything changes though when Baby meets Debora (played by Cinderella’s Lily James). Seeing a chance for happiness with the sweet and innocent waitress, Baby wants out of his life of crime. Trouble is that Doc isn’t going to let Baby go without a fight.

By trying to walk away, Baby just put himself and Debora in serious danger and the only way to escape is to take part in one last, ill-fated heist. Cue some very reckless driving.


Behind the scenes

As if the high-speed storyline and star-studded cast isn’t enough, Baby Driver also boasts an impressive supporting cast, including Django Unchained’s Jamie Foxx, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, Daredevil’s Jon Bernthal, and even a rumoured cameo from Meryl Streep! As for all you review-obsessed movie fans out there, it’s good news. Baby Driver currently has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics raving about everything from it’s high speed chases to his stella soundtrack. 

Think Ryan Gosling’s Drive meets the Fast and the Furious franchise and you’ve some idea of what to expect. With a superbly stylish look and a killer soundtrack, which features everything from The Beach Boys to T. Rex, you won’t just be thinking about Baby Driver the next day… you’ll be humming it’s theme tune.



Buckle up for Baby Driver hitting ODEON cinemas on Wednesday 28 June!

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