Who's the daddy?

Daddy’s Home 2 hits ODEON cinemas on 22th November and it promises to be bigger, funnier and even more dad-packed than the original – with the added bonus of snowballs, sleighs and stockings (yes, it’s Christmas time!). Here, we meet the film’s umpteen fathers (there are five!) and the A-list stars playing them… 



Brad and Dusty have set aside the differences that saw them at loggerheads in the original Daddy’s Home and are now BFFs. So much so that they’re planning a “together Christmas”, which will see Brad and his wife and stepkids/kids and Dusty and his wife and kids/stepkids celebrating as one big, happy family. 

But their plans are thrown into chaos when Dusty and Brad's respective fathers arrive for the holidays, in the process reigniting tensions between the younger dads...

DAD #1

Brad Whitaker

A bit like Clark Kent, only without the superhero alter-ego (or, for that matter, glasses), the meek and mild Brad is as kind as he is dependable – but you definitely wouldn’t back him in a fight (not even a little bit). Brad used to be jealous of Dusty, the super-pumped biological father of his stepkids, but now they’re rock-solid best buds… or are they? 

Says things like: “This is going to come off weird, Dusty, but he’s beautiful!” [as they see Dusty's dad riding down the escalator]

Played by: The ever-awesome Will Ferrell, star of everything from Anchorman to Elf.

DAD #2

Dusty Mayron

With a body to die for and hair to match, Dusty is what’s known as a man’s man (rah!). He pumps iron, rides a motorbike and always puts himself first. At least he did in the first movie. These days, thanks to Brad, he’s a caring, sharing father/stepfather to Megan, Dylan and Adrianna who bakes snickerdoodles and drinks hot cocoa – much to the horror of his own alpha male dad, Kurt.  

Says things like: “You wanna be like Brad and be in the friend zone? Or do you wanna be like Dad and get in the end zone?”

Played by: Hollywood’s current highest paid actor, Mark Wahlberg.  


DAD #3 

Jonah Whitaker

Brad’s dad Jonah loves everything and everyone, especially Brad. In fact, just two weeks away from his son can send him into a funk. He’s big on hugging and even bigger on Christmas, making him a huge hit with his grandkids. He can, however, be a little on the overbearing side – although Brad would never call him up on it… would he?  

Says things like: “Why does a duck have feathers? To cover up his butt quack."

Played by: Two-time Academy Award nominee John Lithgow, lately seen as Winston Churchill in Emmy winner's drama The Crown. 


DAD #4

Kurt Mayron

Leather jacket, piercing blue eyes, don’t-care attitude – Dusty’s dad Kurt is so hip it hurts. As fathers go, he’s the kind that greets you with a backslap rather than a cuddle, and scoffs at anything that might be seen as weak, for example, co-dadding. Horrified by his son’s newfound soft-heartedness, he’s determined to drive a wedge between Dusty and the person he deems responsible: Brad.

Says things like: “Hey kids, I’ve got a good [joke] for you: two dead hookers wash up on…”

Played by: 80s/90s megastar Mel Gibson – he of Lethal Weapon, Braveheart and Mad Max fame.


DAD #5


Roger is Adrianna’s biological daddy – a fact he never lets stepdad Dusty forget. He’s bigger than Dusty and has better hair too, so when he turns up unannounced at Dusty and Brad’s “together Christmas”, all hell breaks loose!

Says things like: “Don’t you want to spend the holidays with your one true real dad?”

Played by: Vaunted WWE wrestler-turned leading man, John Cena.


So, are you ready for another good old-fashioned dad-off? We know we are! Daddy’s Home 2 is ruling the roost from 22th November! Book your tickets now!

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