Discover the hidden world inside your phone!

'The Emoji Movie’ laughs, cries and high fives its way into cinemas on August 2nd and it promises to be a wild ride through the hidden world inside your phone.

 ‘The Emoji Move’ unlocks the never-before-seen world inside your phone, telling the story of the emojis that live in a world called Textopolis, where every emoji has their own purpose, place and expression. However Gene, with a full range of expressions doesn’t quite fit, so he goes on an adventure with Hi-5 and Jailbreak in a journey of self discovery.

The film brings the concept of emojis to life in an animated adventure that combines the fun and colourful world of emojis with a top notch voice cast.  With Sir Patrick Stewart playing the smiling poop, it's probably the first time in his career he's been the "Number 2" choice.

Have a look at some of the great actors in ‘The Emoji Movie’ below and test yourself with our emoji film quiz!


GENE (T.J. Miller)

In Textopolis, every Emoji has one expression and one expression only. But Gene doesn’t have just one expression, he has EVERY expression!  Funny, charming, awkward, and optimistic, Gene wishes he wasn’t so different.  But Gene will discover that embracing his self-expression is the more powerful option…

JAILBREAK (Anna Faris)

Jailbreak is a tough, blue-haired code-breaking Emoji. Cynical and super smart, there’s nothing she can’t reprogram. Jailbreak dreams of someday leaving the Phone and living in the Cloud, a legendary world where she can live her life by her own rules. 

HI-5 (James Corden)

Hi-5 is an open-face palm Emoji ready to give you a Hi-5 at any time! Hi-5 used to be a Favorite, a highly respected celebrity. But recently Hi-5 has been usurped by a new Favorite… Fist Bump Emoji.  Hi-5 can’t stand the rejection and just wants to be popular again, but he’ll realise that it’s more important to have one true friend than a thousand likes. 

POOP (Patrick Stewart)

Poop is one of the most popular Emojis, and it’s a position he takes very seriously. With his upper class accent, toilet paper bowtie, and penchant for wearing a little too much cologne, Poop carries himself proudly and often doesn’t realize he’s the butt of jokes.

SMILER (Maya Rudolph)

Smiler is the original Emoji and the Boss of Textopolis. She is chipper and bubbly, always has a huge grin plastered on her face, and is incredibly evil. When Smiler learns of Gene’s multiple expressions, she sets out on a crusade to have him deleted!

AKIKO GLITTER (Christina Aguilera)

Akiko Glitter is the coolest and most outrageous dance hostess ever to grace the Just Dance app!  She's always serving up the hottest mix of music and she's got the step on the best dance moves around. 

FLAMENCA (Sofia Vergara)

The Flamenco Dancer Emoji is the saucy Latina dancer in a fire-engine red dress. She’s spicy and exuberant and always finishes her sentences with a rapid-fire flamenco flourish.

ALEX (Jake T. Austin)

Alex is a teenage boy – and it’s his phone that is the home for our emoji heroes.  Alex has been trying to get the courage to text a girl he likes – and if he doesn’t send the right emoji, it could spoil his chances forever.  When Gene’s journey puts the phone on the blink, Alex starts to believe that the only solution is to wipe his phone… and everyone in it.

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How often do you use emojis in your every day life? See if you can speak fluent emoji and decipher the famous film titles below! 

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Film #4

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Beauty and the Beast

The Wizard of Oz

Inside Out

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Alice in Wonderland

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007: Dr. No

The Avengers

Ocean's Eleven

Forrest Gump

Paranormal Activity

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