Bull speed ahead!

As the brilliantly beastly animation Ferdinand stampedes into cinemas, we introduce you to a few of the film’s colourful characters – plus the cast members playing them!

Meet the gang...

Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena)

Species: Bull

Profile: Voiced, rather fittingly, by WWE superstar John Cena, Ferdinand – despite his huge size and fighting pedigree – is a bull who would rather sniff flowers than charge at a matador. Aw!

Says things like: “Actually, I’m going to pass on the violence.”

Lupe (voiced by Kate McKinnon)

Species: Goat

Profile: You shouldn’t judge a bull by its cover – or a goat for that matter. Despite her old age, Lupe is anything but wise. She is very funny, though, with Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon on top form.

Says things like: “You’re ginormous. I can’t wait to show you to the rest of the guys. They’re going to fertilise the yard!”

Una (voiced by Gina Rodriguez)

Species: Hedgehog

Profile: Una – brought brilliantly to life by Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez – is a kindly purple hedgehog. Along with her friends Dos and Cuatro, she takes Ferdinand under her, um, spikes. Ouch!

Says things like: “Hedge for one and hog for all”

Dos (voiced by Daveed Diggs)

Species: Hedgehog

Profile: Whatever you do, do not call Dos a squirrel! He may look cute, but he packs a savage bite. Tony Award-winner and Black-ish star Daveed Diggs is wonderful as the scrawny comic critter!

Says things like: “Don’t leave me hanging!”


Cuatro (voiced by Gabriel Iglesias)

Species: Hedgehog

Profile: We know what you’re thinking – where’s Tres? Let’s just say we don’t speak of Tres. Ahem! Anyway, cute Cuatro rounds out our hedgehog trio – he’s played by Gabriel Iglesias, a voice artist of some repute.

Says things like: “Best plan ever!”

Paco (voiced by Jerrod Carmichael)

Species: Dog

Profile: Drolly voiced by stand-up comedian Jerrod Carmichael, Paco is Nina’s pet bearded collie. Although he’s big pals with Ferdinand, he’s a bit put out by how fondly the little girl regards the flower-loving bull.

Says things like: “You shot Maria into the sun!”


Klaus (voiced by Boris Kodjoe)

Species: Horse

Profile: Klaus (hilariously voiced by Soul Food’s Boris Kodjoe) is one of three horses Ferdinand attempts to befriend. But these stuck-up steeds have no intention of doing our “stinky bull” hero any favours – the meanies!

Says things like: “Sucks to be YOU!”

Hans (voiced by Flula Borg)

Species: Horse

Profile: Hans has a somewhat arrogant and elitist view of his own breed and looks down on other animal species. He openly insults them while flaunting his own appearance. His voice actor, Flula Borg (a German comedian, musician and YouTube personality who alos appeared in Pitch Perfect 2) calls him "trashes-talking".

Says things like: "This is the beautiful horsey side, and said is the stinky bull side. Have a nice day smelling terrible."

Angus (voiced by David Tennant)

Species: Bull

Profile: Angus is a relatively large bull with a funny look. His lower jaw and chin area is rather large and he has two teeth from his lower jaw sticking out prominently from his mouth. His voice is former Doctor Who David Tennant. 

Says things like: “Angus is a type of cattle”

Valiente (voiced by Bobby Cannavale)

Species: Bull

Profile: Valiente is the most experienced fighting bull, plenty of scars marring his body and even scratches on his broad span of horns. Boardwalk Empire and Third Watch's star Bobby Cannavale gives the voice to what is the right opposite of golden hearth Ferdinand. 

Says things like: 'Valiente means brave!'

Scene setter

Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios’ new animation Ferdinand races into cinemas this Christmas. Our advice? Hold on tight, because you’re in for a wild – and wonderful – ride!

Based on American author Munro Leaf’s beloved 1936 children’s book, The Story of Ferdinand, the film introduces us to Ferdinand the bull, a lover not a fighter, despite his enormous frame. Growing up on an idyllic farm with a caring family (including a little girl named Nina), our horned hero has the perfect life. But a chance encounter with an angry bee changes everything, and Ferdinand is torn from his home.

His new ‘digs’ aren’t terrible, and he makes some friends. But then he’s chosen to become a Spanish fighting bull – yikes! Deciding enough is enough, Ferdinand coerces his new pals into taking a road trip with him. Destination? Home! 

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