All Aboard For Murder On The Orient Express!

Kenneth Branagh’s big-screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express pulls into cinemas on 3 November. Find out everything you need to know about this star-studded murder mystery: namely the victim, the suspects, and the great detective attempting to solve the diabolical crime…

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With the exception of William Shakespeare (who, to be fair, has a few hundred years on his challenger), Agatha Christie is the bestselling fiction author of all time. Her books, which encompass 66 detective novels, 150 short stories and many plays, are estimated to have sold between two and four billion copies around the world. (In comparison, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has sold 500 million). 

Christie’s most famous work very much depends on who you ask, but Murder on the Orient Express always polls highly. First published on 1 January 1934, with a retail price of seven shillings and sixpence, this cunningly plotted mystery sees Christie’s much-loved Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot putting his grey cells to the test when a murder is committed aboard the long-distance passenger train, the Orient Express.

  • Why the film is going to be great?

Clue: Director Kenneth Branagh is no stranger to adapting classic works of literature into well-regarded films -  including,  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994), Cinderella (2015),  Hamlet (1996)  and too many William Shakespeare movies to recount here.  As he did with the first  Thor (2011), where he mixed the spirit of classical legends with blockbuster, Branagh is now putting togheter his theatrical storytelling style with great images and a new spectacular approach to the mysterious story . Check the behind the scene above to find out more!


Climaxing with one of the greatest twists of all time, the novel has been adapted for the big screen several times, most notably in 1974 when Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery and Vanessa Redgrave boarded the fateful train.

This winter, another glittering gaggle of A-list stars clamber aboard the Orient Express for Kenneth Branagh’s much-anticipated take. And when we say A-list we mean it. The cast includes two times Oscar nominee British thesp Branagh is on acting as well as directing duties as the moustachioed Poirot, while Johnny Depp is Ratchett, a slimy businessman who falls victim to foul play after the train becomes trapped in a snow drift. So whodunnit? Well, let’s just say, that with 13 suspects to choose from, our brooding detective has his work cut out.

  • Why the film is going to be great?

Clue:  Perhaps it was Michelle Pfeiffer’s outspoken widow Mrs. Hubbard? Or maybe Judi Dench’s Russian princess Natalia Dragomiroff? Then again it could have been Willem Dafoe’s German professor Gerhard Hardman. Or even Daisy Ridley’s young governess Mary Debenham. And let’s not forget Penélope Cruz’s devoted missionary and nurse Pilar Estravados...Those names should be enough to convince you that Murder On the Orient Express has one of the biggest all stars cast in recent memory.



Hercule Poirot

A generously moustached Belgian sleuth whose little grey cells are second to none!


A rich and unpleasant businessman who’s worried his life is in danger. Hint: it is!


Mary Debenham 

A sparky young governess with plenty to say for herself.

Princess Dragomiroff 

A Russian princess who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Mrs. Hubbard

A brash American widow whose tongue is as sharp as her mind.


Ratchett’s clever, occasionally sneering, personal secretary.


A meek missionary and nurse whose faith is absolute.



Frowny German professor who doesn’t miss a trick.


Dr. Arbuthnot

This upstanding doctor is authoritative and charming.


Maid to the princess and as devoted as they come.



Ratchett’s personal and seemingly loyal butler.

Rudolph Andrenyi 

Ths dashing count is intensely protective of his wife Elena.


Elena Andrenyi

A nervous and retiring woman with exquisite fashion sense.


Working for the company that runs the Orient Express,  he's an old friend of Poirot. 


A confident car salesman with the gift of the gab.


Pierre Michel

The train’s tireless conductor. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Who did it? Solve the mystery in cinemas on 3rd November!

Experience the film in 70mm! 

Just like great directors and cinema lovers as Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino, Kenneth Branagh is a celluloid purist. For “Murder on the Orient Express,” Branagh used the 65mm Panavision cameras, which can give audiences a truly immersive experience. 

The 70mm film projection combines the brightest, clearest images, with a powerful, laser-aligned digital sound, to draw out the epic scope of a great story on the big screen. 

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