Last call pitches!
Why Pitch Perfect 3 hits all the right notes...

They’re back, pitches! Five years after the smash-hit original and two years after its even-more-successful sequel, the Bellas are back for Pitch Perfect 3.

Older? Yes. Wiser? Definitely not. But they can still belt out a tune like nobody’s business! In anticipation of this third helping of aca-awesomeness, here are the reasons why this on-song series resonates with fans and why Pitch Perfect 3 promises to have us all singing.  

The mash-ups and the riff-offs!


Let’s be honest, there is a reason why the pitch is perfect!

Although these girls are misfits – hilariously so – they sing like Rihanna on Red Bull, and watching them mash-up (or mix) hits from every decade is utterly joyous!

Even better than the mash-ups, however, are the riff-offs, which is where the girls take on other a cappella groups in a kind of unofficial, free-style singing contest. Anything goes as long as you adhere to what’s on the board… !

In Pitch Perfect 3, the girls have now left university, but – fed up with the real world – they team for one last singing competition, overseas this time. Can we expect more mash-ups? You bet we can check out the amazing sneak peek below to see that Pitch Perfect 3 can still bring the noise!


Sneaky peek from Pitch Perfect 3

A perfect mash up!

Watch the ultimate riff-off!

girls just wanna have fun

In a world of ​male dominated franchises, we also have a brilliant girls-only ​series  that​ is​  smash​sing the box office! 

Have you ever heard of the Bechdel test in fiction? If you’re not familiar with this test, here’s a very quick summary. To pass it, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your film must have at least two women in it, who…
  2. …talk to each other, about…
  3. Something other than a man!

Incredibly, only half of all movies meet these requirements. The Pitch Perfect franchise, however, gets an A+!

Seeing an all-female ensemble cast in a storyline where the main objective isn’t finding a boyfriend is something you don't often see. The film follows a new tradition of high profile Hollywood productions where girls-teams do have fun (and make money at the box office!), started with Bridesmaids and followed by films like Girls Trip or Rough Night .

The incredible cast and the story behind it...

To secure their role on the first Pitch Perfect movie, each member of the cast had to audition with a song – Rebel Wilson (who plays Fat Amy – a name she gave herself) chose Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory, while Adam DeVine (Bumper) opted for the Family Matters theme tune. The chosen few were then sent on a month-long boot camp to nail the song-and-dance routines before filming began.

The result? An ensemble entirely in tune. The biggest names in the cast are Anna Kendrick (Oscar nominated for Up in the Air) and Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games 1-4), but in truth they all shine, from the unstoppable Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and newcomer Emily (Hailee Steinfield). After her pitchin’ performance this year we can defo see her heading up the Bellas in the riff-offs to come.

The sassy scripts

One of the best things about the Pitch Perfect franchise is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Audiences have fun because the cast is clearly having fun, aided by one-liners so sharp they should come with a health warning. 

If you’re ​worried that this latest Bellas outing is just a cash-in​, don’t. Elizabeth Banks and her fellow producers have worked hard to ensure the third instalment feels in step with the first two films, but also moves the series forward. “This movie not only has more singing and more dancing than the previous two features, but it is a full-fledged action-adventure,” enthuses Banks, who also plays Gail in the films, in the Pitch Perfect 3 production notes. “We were excited about the idea of literally making the Bellas action heroes, especially Fat Amy.”

Here are just a few popcorn-snorting examples of the funniest lines from movies 1 and 2…


About the film....

The Bellas have graduated and are making their way in the world in ‘Pitch Perfect 3’. Unfortunately, it’s not going too well – until one last chance to sing together appears. 

Every year the United Service Organisations hold a concert to support the troops, and the Bellas have managed to get themselves invited. But they’ve never competed against bands with actual instruments, and their stage has never been bigger. 

It’s last call, pitches. We’re getting the band back together one last time for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’, the final chapter in the smash hit franchise.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
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