7 steamy reasons why fifty shades freed is not to be missed

Fifty Shades Freed, the thrilling conclusion to the Fifty Shades film series, sashays into ODEON cinemas on 9th February.

Here – in pictures – are seven reasons why the third and final instalment of this steamy, adults-only trilogy will take your breath away…

1. Ana and Christian tie the knot. In lavish fashion…

It’s a nice day for a Grey wedding! 

After two movies worth of messy break-ups followed by sexy make-ups, Christian finally realises that Ana is the one that he wants and gets down on one knee.

Ana agrees to put a ring on it and the two marry in a no-expense-spared wedding – the kind that definitely has a free bar. Although what Ana sees in the handsome, chiselled, sexually adventurous billionaire we’ll never know…


2. Mr. Grey forgets to wear his shirt for much of the movie

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Is it any wonder Ana can’t resist a peek?

There’s no two ways about it, Christian Grey is a fine figure of a man, and one of the main reasons why both the Fifty Shades book series and the first two Fifty Shades movies have been so incredibly successful.

In this third and final instalment, Christian reminds us what a prime specimen of masculinity he is by spending much of the running time without his shirt on. Somehow we doubt you’ll be complaining…

3. It’s packed with intrigue…

Uh-oh, we smell trouble!

Come for the steamy love scenes, stay for the knuckle-biting suspense. As with Fifty Shades Darker, this third instalment is much more just an erotic romantic drama; it actually sees our loved-up couple in a great deal of danger (due to some shady past antics on both their parts).

4...steamy antics...

Is it just us or is it getting hot in here?

Of course, no Fifty Shades movie would be complete without some steamy bedroom antics and ‘Freed’ definitely doesn’t disappoint on that score.

We won’t go into details here – this is a family friendly website, after all – but let’s just say that marriage has only made Christian and Ana’s love life spicier. Phew!

5...and some different type of action!

They’re behind you!

 This gripping third outing also features some epic action sequences, including a car chase that wouldn’t look out of place in a Fast & Furious movie. If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ll know that Ana makes short work of her and Christian’s pursuer.  Also, who is Christian aiming a gun at? It seems like there also mysteries to be unvailed....


6. Old (not entirely welcome) faces return

Returning alongside Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in this third and final caper are Eric Johnson as slimy editor Jack Hyde and Kim Basinger as Christian’s former, much-older lover Elena Lincoln.

If you’ve seen the second movie, you’ll know that these two characters are bad news, and that’s still very much the case in Fifty Shades Freed. But they aren’t the only ones who are determined to cause trouble for our devoted newlyweds. Franchise newcomer Gia Matteo (Arielle Kebbel) is also stirring things up as an over-friendly architect.

6.2 Sorry, did we mention some steamy antics?

Who are we kidding? Everyone just wants to know what this couple will come up with to make this third and last chapter hotter than ever. 

Johnson revealed that she and Jamie Dornan have developed an eyebrow-raising way to prepare for all the steamy scenes. 

"It never gets [easy]," Johnson told EW  "But because we’ve become so close it was a lot easier to make special."

So what type of special relationship are we going to see on screen this time?

7. There are more than a few jaw-dropping twists

We won’t spoil things here, but let’s just say that Fifty Shades Freed contains the mother of all twists (if you’ve seen the final trailer for the film, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about), and a few ‘juicy’ turns besides.

Will Ana and Christian live happily ever after? Maybe, but there’s a lot to find out…

7.2....and there are a lot of  steamy antics!

Alright, we think you got the point!  Fifty Shades has been the perfect film for St. Valentine's Day since 2015 and this year you can't miss the climax! 


Fifty Shades Freed hits cinemas on February 9th.  Make your cinema experience more passionate with our exclusive Passion Fruit Martini in selected cinemas! Find out more

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