Four big reasons why Rampage is a must see!

Unleashed in ODEON cinemas on 12th April, Rampage is an action adventure of monstrous proportions.

Here, using a very simple formula, we reveal why this Dwayne Johnson chomp-romp is set to not only break the game-to-movie curse, but trample it to smithereens.

Dwayne Johnson + Giant Gorilla + Wolf + Croc

x Maximum destruction




Dwayne Johnson is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars – in every sense of the word. At nearly six-and-a-half feet tall, he more-often-than-not towers above his co-stars. But he’s also one of Tinseltown’s biggest earners, coming second only to Mark Wahlberg in the 2017 highest-paid actor stakes (Marky Mark netted million, while Johnson  took home million). The secret of his success? His films are extremely fun!

In Rampage, Johnson serves up another crowd-pleaser that’s likely to destroy all before it – and for once he’s not the biggest member of the cast...


That honour of "the biggest one" (in Rampage’s first act, at least) goes to George, an adorable albino silverback gorilla that becomes aggressive and grows exponentially  after a canister containing a biohazardous mutagen falls from the International Space Station into his pen.

Wondering where this epic premise came from? Well, Rampage is actually based on the popular 1986 video game of the same name by Bally Midway.  Johnson is confident that this time the game-to-film adaptation will be different, thanks in part to the game’s simple concept.

“I loved the game when I was a kid. It’s such a simple premise, so the challenge was to take this fun simple premise and try to build out and hopefully make a cool movie out of it,” explained the actor to Collider.


If you’re familiar with the Bally Midway game , you’ll know that George the gorilla is just one of three characters you can play as. The others are a wolf named Ralph and a lizard named Lizzie.  A 30-foot wolf and a goodness-knows-how-big crocodile – both of which will haunt your dreams for evermore.

To bring George, Ralph and Lizzie to life, the film relied on a mix of CGI and motion capture “[This] is not like a monster movie I’ve seen recently where there’s the monster over there,” director Brad Peyton revealed to Den Of Geek of the end results. “You’re under the monster, you’re on top of the monster… ultimately, everything I do is I’m trying to drop you right inside of the event.”


In the 1986 game, the three creatures – who were all human originally – have one aim: to raze a city to the ground (eating anything that gets in their way, including people). The beasts’ goal in the film is exactly the same.

But Rampage is more than just wham, bam, there’s plenty of heart too. Davis’ friendship with George is genuinely touching, while Naomie Harris – an Oscar nominee for the wonderful Moonlight – provides emotional welly in spades as a discredited scientist who comes to Davis and George’s aid.   

Throw The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan into the mix as a sinister corporate type, plus a script that has just the right mix of action, compassion, intrigue and humour, and you’ve got one of the year’s most enjoyable blockbusters, and another guaranteed smash-hit for the larger-than-life Johnson!

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