Red Sparrow: J Law and cast dossier

In one of the most captivating spy thrillers of the year, Jennifer Lawrence is reunited with the director of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, starring as 'Red Sparrow', along with an incredible cast.  

In the space of a decade, Jennifer Lawrence has gone from bit-part TV roles to one of Hollywood’s biggest names, winning an Oscar (and getting nominated three more times) along the way. Here, we chart her incredible rise, culminating in the release of the twist-packed spy thriller Red Sparrow, out on 1st March.

Dossier file #1: The rise and rise of J-Law

2003-2008: Jen is discovered

Aged just 14, the Kentucky-born Jen is spotted by a talent scout while on holiday with her parents and brothers in New York.

She persuades her mom to let her spend the summer there and, after a successful “cold read”, gets hired for a number of MTV commercials, followed by small TV roles and her first big role in 'The Burning Plain' (2008), along with Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger.

For her role, she won the Rising Star award at the 65th Venice Film Festival. 

2010: Winter comes for Jennifer

With practically her first film, Jen hits the big time. Her performance as mountain girl Ree in gritty drama Winter’s Bone is described by critics as “outstanding”, “fearsome” and “dazzling”.

It’s so good, in fact, it gains her her first Oscar nom.

2012: The world is watching

Jen is cast as Katniss Everdeen in Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, a big-budget adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ phenomenally popular novel.

The movie hits the target with both critics and fans and goes on to take 5 million around the world.

The three sequels make even more and sign the beginning of the YA  (Young Adult) genre in the film industry. 

2013: Fall Girl

Jen takes a little tumble at the 85th Academy Awards. But, if you’re going to do something so adorably clumsy, it might as well be while you’re collecting your Best Actress Oscar, right?

The gong was for her astonishing turn as Tiffany in 2012’s raw drama Silver Linings Playbook.

2015: Striking it rich

Not only The Hunger Games, but another smashing saga signs Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Mystique in The X-Men reboot.  

J-Law (as everyone’s been calling her for ages by this point) becomes the highest paid actress in the world – a feat she then repeats in 2016. Last year saw her toppled by her good friend Emma Stone… but for how long?

2018: Seductive! Deceptive! Deadly!

Jen, now one of the most famous faces in the world, re-teams up with Francis Lawrence (who directed her in The Hunger Games 2-4) to play ballerina-turned-spy Dominika Egorova in Red Sparrow.

This steamy spy thriller – which is based on Jason Matthews’ award-winning debut novel – should see her back on track at the box office, with another killing role!

Dossier file #2: The characters in Red Sparrow


Dominika Egorova

Played by

Jennifer Lawrence


Prima ballerina-turned-unwitting-Russian spy



  • Trained in psychological manipulation;
  • Able to push herself beyond all limitation;
  • Lethal martial artist;
  • Master of seduction;


After an injury ends her career as a prima ballerina, Dominika is recruited by her Uncle Ivan to take part in a top-secret operation for the Russian government. She agrees because the officials promise to help with her sick mother’s medical bills. The operation ends with a man dead and Dominika given a stark choice: die herself or become a Sparrow – a lethal seductress for her country…


Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Nash

Played by

Joel Edgerton


Internal-Ops Officer for the CIA


  • Streetwise;
  • Expert at evading surveillance;
  • Speaks fluent Russian;  


There’s a high-ranking mole within the Russian government who’s been spilling secrets to the Americans for more than a decade. Nate is their handler – or at least that’s what top Russian officials believe. So they send Dominika to get close to him… which she succeeds in doing. A little too close, in fact…   


General Vladimir Andreiyevich Korchnoi

Played by

Jeremy Irons


Head of the SVR’s Americas Department



Korchnoi is one of the highest-ranking officials within Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service – he is a warrior in every sense.  



Korchnoi is something of a father figure to Dominika, following the death of her own beloved dad. (In the book, she sees him with a purple aura – the same as her father, Vassily.) But he’s also a man of many secrets – what is he hiding and from whom?  


Ivan Dimitrevich Egorov

Played by

Matthias Schoenaerts


First Deputy Director of the SVR 


  • Charming (on the outside at least);
  • Persuasive (he manages to talk Dominika into attending Sparrow School);
  • Lethal (he has no problem ordering his underlings to kill or doing it himself for that matter).  


Ivan is Dominika’s uncle and the person who ‘persuades’ her to become a Sparrow. He also sets her the task of seducing Nate. He is a driven, naturally suspicious man who will do anything to protect Mother Russia, including using his niece as a pawn (yup, he’s not a good guy).


Dossier file #3: Watching the film

Red Sparrow hits cinema on March 1st.  Book your tickets now!

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