Weekly Film Themes

At ODEON, the show must go on! Are you bored of box sets on the sofa? Do you need a good night out?

Well we are open & we have loads to see - from feel-good films to family treasures to films to frankly scare the living daylights out of you - book £5* Supersaver tickets now. And don’t forget your popcorn and nachos when you get there!

Big nights out call for the big screen.

ODEON, We are Safer Cinema



Become a member of myODEON and you get to choose what you watch!

Every week we’ll show a film voted for by you. Each week our film experts will send over some options for you to choose from, then you’ll see the top voted for film on the big screen that week!

We are the big screen. For the fans.





At ODEON, we are proud to be partnering with We Are Parable and The Big Picture Film Club to use the power of the big screen to tell the stories of the Black, Asian and minority ethnic experience, both past and present. Together we are supporting diverse filmmakers, directors and acting talent from around the globe offering them a platform to inspire and educate through their work.

We will be screening films that explore all aspects of life and culture, from the UK and around the globe.

We are film for everyone





Fancy a night out? Come and see us for a fun and special evening in front of the latest Hollywood epic, or a smash-hit classic from our exclusive movie archives. 

What could be better than sitting back in our comfortable seats, sharing a delicious treat as the lights dim and the curtains raise?

We are nights out


Let us frighten the life out of you with a season of the scariest horror movies ever put to film.  

No sofas to hide behind, nowhere to run to, just you and the most terrifying, blood-curdling films, larger than life on the big screen!

You’ll be on the edge of your big, comfortable seat, watching through your fingers, barely time to enjoy a delicious treat from our amazing range. 

We are scaring the living daylights out of you


It’s time to bring on the weekend at ODEON!

Leave the hassles of the week behind you and immerse yourself in the wonder of the big screen experience. 

We’ve got all the classics for both you and the family. Enjoy our Friday night big screen films and then on Saturday and Sunday why not introduce the kids to the movies that made your childhood special? 

We are weekends, sorted


Be the first in the cinema for a special movie experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the day. 

Whether it’s a critically-acclaimed award-winner, a classic comedy or weepy favourite, you’ll be transported to another world while you unwind in the comfort of our spotless screens.

We are making the most of your day