Exclusive myLIMITLESS member screenings

As a myLIMITLESS member you can enjoy upcoming films first and before they are released to the general public, with exclusive member screenings. 

You can find out about upcoming preview screenings and make a booking in the logged-in members area on the ODEON website. If you’re signed up to marketing emails we’ll also let you know when screenings become available to book by email.

Also, you can check this page for the latest information about the film that will be playing. 

We are very excited to announce our next myLIMITLESS member screening; Snake Eyes showing on 16 August. As a myLIMITLESS member, you can see them both before general release in cinemas!

You can secure your seat for this screening through our myODEON app or in cinema only.

Booking through our website will not be available.

It’s never been easier to book your place at a myLIMITLESS exclusive screening. 

Simply follow the steps below once booking is open:

  1. Download our myODEON app
  2. Login to your myLIMITLESS account
  3. Select your cinema and screening date, and find the myLIMITLESS screening as identified by the "Limitless screening" attribute.
  4. Pick your seat and apply your myLIMITLESS membership to your ticket
  5. If booking in cinema, simply have your digital membership QR code at the ready, for a member of our cinema team to scan when booking your ticket
  6. If you have any accessibility needs, you can book for your carer to attend if required or if you’d prefer, you can give our accessibility team a call on 0800 138 3315
  7. Make sure to bring your digital myLIMITLESS membership card, otherwise you won’t be able to get in!


Who can attend this screening?

  • You have to be an active myLIMITLESS member to be able to book your ticket and attend the screening 
  • This benefit is available to myLIMITLESS members at any cinemas included in your active myLIMITLESS Membership packages 

I am a myLIMITLESS member so how do I collect my tickets?

  • You can book through our myODEON app or in cinema, and simply show your e-ticket or collect tickets from the tills. Booking through our website won't be available for this screening.

What do I do on the day/night?

  • You must bring your digital myLIMITLESS membership QR code and you have to be a current myLIMITLESS member to enjoy this screening