Why Deadpool 2 is the filthy, foulmouthed sequel you've been waiting for

Guess who’s back? Deadpool, that’s who! Yes, folks, the Merc with a Mouth has only gone and got himself a sequel and it’s every bit as racy, rascally and deliciously irreverent as the first one. Here, we reveal how to make the perfect outrageous film...


"It’s hard to hear you with all that pity [expletive] in your mouth"

Fans of do-gooder superheroes beware! To call Deadpool morally flexible would be a colossal understatement. There’s a thin line between right and wrong and Wade Wilson walks it with a swagger.

If you’ve seen 2016’s Deadpool, you’ll know this already. Whereas Superman is noble and Captain America is honest, the Merc with a Mouth is foul-mouthed, lewd and impossibly obnoxious – but in a brilliant and unique way.  

With a global box office take of 3 million, Deadpool is the most successful R-rated movie worldwide and its sequel is set up to be bigger in budget and jokes. See the videos below as example...

The Newly Weds Game with Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin

Deadpool Dancing with Celine Dion


“And that is why Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is pure pornography.”

Ryan Reynolds is a naturally funny guy – you only have to read his Twitter feed to know that. So give him a quip-happy character like Deadpool, add two hotter-than-hot screenwriters in the form of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, plus studio backing to do whatever they heck they want, and the result is a laugh-until-you snort comic-book blockbuster.

The original Deadpool was made for a paltry million. Reynolds and director Tim Miller agreed to a smaller budget in return for creative freedom. The budget this time is bigger, but not incredibly so – that’s just not Deadpool’s way.


We sat down with Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz to chat all things Deadpool 2.


"So dark. You sure you're not from the DC universe?"

A scary movie is only as good as its villain and the same goes for comic-book epics. Thankfully, the baddie in Deadpool 2 is the best Big Bad since Thanos (perhaps that’s because he is Thanos, from a certain point of view...).

His name? Cable. Who plays him? Josh Brolin...Recognise the name? You should do! He’s also Thanos in the MCU and we're sure this will be used for a lot of jokes in Deadpool 2. 

To me, it’s even funnier that the first one,” said Brolin of the film. “I read [the script] and I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a very long time.

In the comics, this grumpy, heavily armed, time-hopping, cyber-soldier is the son of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone). As a child he’s infected by a deadly techno-organic virus, sent to the future, learns to fight, comes back again, and battles to prevent the rise of the god-like being, Apocalypse. Wait? That doesn’t sound ‘evil’ does it? So what's the deal in the film...?


"We'll be known as... X-Force!" "Isn't that a little derivative?"

If you loved the first movie (and let’s face it, who didn’t?), you’ll be punch-the-air-delighted to hear that tons of cool characters from the original are returning for this sequel.

Back kicking butt are Colossus (Stefan Kapičić), Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Weasel (T.J. Miller) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). And there’s also a boosted role for unhinged but lovable cab driver Dopinder (Karan Soni). 

If that wasn’t palm-wetting enough, we’re also getting new players galore. Atlanta star Zazie Beetz is Domino (a probability-altering mutant or as she terms it “lucky”), Iron Fist’s Lewis Tan is the sword-wielding Shatterstar (a teleporter), while The Expendables 3’s Terry Crews is the unstoppable Bedlam. Our favourite newcomer, however, is undoubtedly Peter (Rob Delaney). You’ll see why when you watch the film!

Deadpool, Domino, Peter and pals form a super-duper group called X-Force. These guys are a really big deal in the Marvel comics and we can expect an X Force movie in the not so distant future...


"So, from our family to yours, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs."

To be clear, Deadpool 2 is not a movie for the easily offended. The original film was not only eye-poppingly violent (in the very best way) and incredibly sweary (in the very best way), it also contained an epic “getting it on” sequence that literally lasted a calendar year.

In Deadpool 2 we can expect similarly naughty antics, but with dialled-up-to-11 stakes, as Reynolds and his team go all out to best the brilliant first film.

We did our best to expand the action, and in a general sense, just make it bigger. In terms of the tone, and the fun and the DNA of a Deadpool movie, you’re going to get everything you expect and more,” said director David Leitch.

Okay, so let’s boil this down: hilariously funny, with truly epic action sequences, a villain to shudder at, plus the introduction of X-Force and, of course, more Merc than ever before?There’s no way we’re missing this one! 

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