Who's who in Johnny English Strikes Again!

15 years after the hapless MI7 agent first stumbled onto our screens, Johnny English is back.

We delve into the case files to brief you on who’s who in chapter three of the brilliant spoof spy series.

 A bit of story...

The British Secret Service has been struck by a cyber-attack, exposing the identities of all its active agents.

The country is in complete chaos… and retired MI7 agent Johnny English Esq. is the government’s only hope for bringing down the criminal mastermind responsible.

But in his quest to outwit the hacker, Agent English comes up against a baffling new foe: modern technology.


Played by: Rowan Atkinson

Roaring through the countryside in his Aston Martin V8, Johnny English looks every inch the slick British agent. But played effortlessly by Rowan Atkinson, we know to expect an MI7 spy who is more slapstick than suave.

Retired from duty when called to his country’s aid, English’s skills in the field fall somewhat short of the perfect art of espionage (although fans of 2011’s Johnny English Reborn may spot his Tibetan martial arts training coming into play as he brandishes French baguettes with flair). What he lacks in skill he makes up for in confidence, though, and English is determined to do Her Majesty’s Secret Service proud.

Fact-file: Rowan Atkinson made his film debut in Never Say Never Again (1983) – Sean Connery’s final performance as James Bond – playing British Foreign and Commonwealth Office agent Nigel Small-Fawcett.


Played by: Olga Kurylenko

Glamorous, intriguing and smart, Ophelia seems to be everything you’d expect from a leading lady in a spy flick – unsurprising, seeing as Olga Kurylenko starred opposite Daniel Craig as Bond girl Camille Montes Rivero in 2008’s Quantum Of Solace. In English’s eyes, Ophelia is the key to this case. The question is, does she lead him to victory or total disaster? 

Fact-file: Olga Kurylenko auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), but lost out to Gal Gadot – who also auditioned for the part of Camille in Quantum of Solace.


Played by: Emma Thompson

Brilliantly direct, the Prime Minister isn’t afraid to question her agent’s unconventional approach to espionage. Known for delivering a classic British demeanour alongside cutting wit, Emma Thompson is an expert pair of hands to steer the country through the fallout from English’s less-than-seamless spying antics.

Fact-file: Emma Thompson has first-hand experience of being in the field – albeit more sci-fi than spy-fi. In 2012’s Men in Black 3 she took on the role of Agent O, heading up extraterrestrial organisation MiB. 


Played by: Ben Miller

Agent English’s loyal partner in crime-fighting, Angus Bough (pronounced “Boff”) bolsters the duo’s, ahem, brainpower. Having been replaced by a new sidekick in Johnny English Reborn, he is clearly delighted to be back, getting stuck into a host of spy-worthy contraptions that will help the film go with a bang – literally. 

Fact-file: The Johnny English character is based on a bumbling MI5 agent Rowan Atkinson created for a series of Barclaycard adverts in the 1990s. The award-winning campaign also introduced us to Bough, played by Henry Naylor.


Played by: Jake Lacy

Information about Jake Lacy’s Jason is currently classified (all the official website gives us is a first name). Could he be the mastermind English is tasked with bringing down? ? That’s our hunch, but if the first two films are anything to go by, we can expect a few surprises.

Fact-file: Jake Lacy is no stranger to subterfuge and deception, having played Forde in 2016’s twist-laden Miss Sloane, alongside Jessica Chastain.

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