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What does it take to orchestrate the biggest heist in Hollywood? Eight of the smartest, sneakiest, and most brilliant women to walk the halls of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. 'Ocean's 8' brings together a diverse cast of female stars in a smart heist comedy that will satisfy lovers of both action and comedy (with a bit of fashion).

Join the robbery Into ODEON cinemas on 18th June and meet the eight main ladies below!

DEBBIE OCEAN (Sandra Bullock)

Role: The Mastermind

Debbie is the estranged sister of original series star Danny. She’s a convicted felon who promises to behave herself in return for parole.

Does she? Does she heck. The minute she’s released she begins planning a big-money heist involving the Met Gala. It’s what she’s good at, after all. But she’s going to need a few friends to pull it off…

LOU MILLER (Cate Blanchett)

Role: The Right Hand

Club owner Lou is Debbie’s right-hand gal, there to reign her friend in whenever she threatens to stray from their painstakingly thought-through path.

“Do not run a job in a job,” Lou warns Debbie at one point. Cool as a cucumber and badass to boot.

Fun fact: Sandra Bullock is actually the third 'Ocean', taking over a character that was portrayed by George Clooney in the Soderbergh's trilogy and, before him, played by Frank Sinatra in the original 1960's film. 

DAPHNE KLUGER (Anne Hathaway)

Role: The Celebrity

Daphne is the hottest actress in the world right now. As Met Gala host, she needs to look the part and that includes wearing a diamond necklace worth £150 million. 

It’s this item that Debbie and her gals are planning to rob. But is there more to Daphne’s victim role than meets the eye?

NINE BALL (Rihanna)

Role: The Hacker

Smart-mouthed Nine Ball is a tech whiz par excellence. It’s her job to bypass the Met’s security systems, which – as we find out in the trailer – are the most sophisticated in the world.

She also helps Debbie clean up her online footprint (not that Debbie knows what that means).

Fun fact: Sure thing, it'll be the most fashionable "Ocean's" movie yet. Plus, it's set during the Met Ball, so you can expect a lot of great outfits. Olivia Munn, who's appearing in the movie during a scene set at the Met Gala, said she actually lost money on the film because she had to pay up front for her expensive wardrobe.

ROSE (Helena Bonham Carter)

Role: The Designer

To rob the Met Gala, Debbie will first need to be invited, which is where Rose comes in.

A quirky fashion designer whose reputation has taken a bit of a battering in recent times, she agrees to help the girls crash the party in return for the millionaire pay packet that Debbie is offering. And that’s each! 

AMITA (Mindy Kaling)

Role: The Jeweller

Amita is a jewellery designer, but a vastly undervalued one – both by her employer and her domineering mother, who says things like: “This is why you have no husband.”

When Debbie asks her to make a forgery of the diamond necklace in return for a bumper payday, Amita – sensing freedom – jumps at the chance.

Fun fact: Several celebrities will be making cameos, including Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Zayn Malik, Katie Holmes, Hailey Baldwin and prominent designers like Alexander Wang and Tommy Hilfiger. And  Anne Wintour herself will also be appearing in the film, because it wouldn’t be the Met Gala without the grande dame of fashion.

TAMMY (Sarah Paulson)

Role: The Fence

By day: mom. By night: fence. In other words, the gang’s middlewoman. Should the con go to plan, Tammy will sell on the necklace for a minimum of fuss and a maximum of cash.

Says co-writer Olivia Milch of Paulson’s performance: “You’ll pee your pants laughing when you see her in this.”

CONSTANCE (Awkwafina)

Role: The Thief

Constance is a street hustler/pickpocket with the fastest fingers in New York. During her first meeting with Debbie and Lou, she manages to ‘lift’ both their watches.

She’s got one of the heist’s hardest jobs – smuggling the necklace out of the Met! 

Fun fact:  Will George Clooney make an appearance? Okay, so we don’t actually know the answer to this one. While his pal and original Ocean’s cast member Matt Damon already confirmed that he’s appearing in the film, there’s no indication whether Clooney will be joining him. He is, however, a producer on the film.

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