We couldn’t let it go. We demanded another Frozen. And now, six years after the original hit movie, Disney is finally releasing the sub-zero sequel that’s set to be one of this winter’s ‘coolest’ tickets.

Before you wrap up warm, sledge down to your local ODEON and load up on ice cream for Frozen 2, here’s a breakdown of why Frozen 2 is set to reach new heights!

Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad return as Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf in Disney’s eagerly anticipated Frozen II – in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

1. A classic sibling rivalry


Set three years after the first film, Elsa hears a mysterious voice from the north of the kingdom, and remembers the bedtime story told by her father, of a village where a mysterious power holds the inhabitants prisoner.

When it seems Arendelle will succumb to the same fate, Elsa knows she has no choice but to follow the voice – and discover her true roots.

Ever-cheerful snowman Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) returns in Frozen II, along with loveable reindeer Sven.

2. A loveable cast of heroes


Let’s be honest, we all love Elsa, but Frozen has so many magical characters we’ve grown to love.

  • Anna (Kristen Bell) is the accident-prone younger sister, clumsy enough to fall into the Arendelle harbour, but brave enough to take on an ice monster.
  • Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) is the warmhearted iceman and Sven his trusty reindeer.
  • There’s the magical matchmaking trolls – and don’t forget Olaf (Josh Gad), the perky, opera-singing snowman who doesn’t realise his dream beach holiday would spell instant evaporation.


Sterling K. Brown joins the cast as the heroic Lieutenant Destin Mattias in  Frozen II.

3. ...and more!

It’s gonna take more than snowballs to defeat the crumbling rock monsters of Frozen 2, so thank goodness the gang has backup, in the form of Lieutenant Destin Mattias (Sterling K. Brown) and his platoon of noble warriors, Yelana (Martha Plimpton) and her mysterious Northuldra tribe – plus the guidance of sisters parents (Alfred Molina and Evan Rachel Wood).

The animation in Frozen II will, quite simply, take your breath away. See the film in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

4. Eye-popping animation


Frozen was two hours of twinkling eye-candy, so real you could almost reach out and break off an icicle, but Frozen 2 is set to be a masterpiece.

Of course, you’ll be wowed by the scenes where Elsa rides a shimmering water horse and Anna plunges down a raging waterfall – but the animators’ greatest triumph is capturing the characters’ emotions.

Idina Menzel’s Elsa gets a song to rival ‘Let It Go’ in Frozen II – in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

5. Songs so catchy, you’ll never escape them


Even now, six years later, you still catch yourself humming Frozen’s Let It Go. Now, free up a little brain-space for Into the Unknown: a song so blissfully infectious, it’ll soundtrack your school runs from here to eternity.

It’s a very powerful song, and it launches Elsa and Anna on that journey,” says producer Peter Del Vecho. “I think the songwriting is at a new level in this movie...

Frozen 2 – in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

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