Frozen II - Revisit Old and Meet The New Characters

Frozen II slip-slides into ODEON cinemas on 22 November and it promises to be funnier, faster and frostier than the box office-destroying original.

Here’s a quick reminder of who’s who – and also who’s new!

Broadway star Idina Menzel returns as snow queen Elsa in Frozen II – in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

Elsa (Idina Menzel)


In the original 2013 film, Elsa – who’s loosely based on the title character in Hans Christian Andersen’s 1844 fairytale, The Snow Queen, – was an “extremely complicated and misunderstood” individual.

At the start of this sequel, she’s a much happier character, having ‘let go’ of her angst and embraced her magical powers over snow and ice. But then a mysterious voice starts calling to her, setting in motion a peril-filled adventure that sees Elsa travelling north to an enchanted, mist- shrouded forest.

Kristen Bell is on song once again as goofy Princess Anna in Frozen II – in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

Anna (Kristen Bell)


Elsa’s little sister (played with adorable goofiness by The Good Place’s Kristen Bell) has everything she wants at the start of this sequel: a happy, healthy relationship with her sibling (for years, they only spoke through closed doors) and a boyfriend, Kristoff, who, while clumpy of walk and grumpy of talk, is a vast improvement on her last squeeze (who tried to kill her).

When Elsa begins hearing voices, however, Anna fears a return to the deep freeze of their youth, and she’s right to be wary. As the elderly troll Pabbie tells her: “Magic is very alluring. Without you she may lose herself to it!

Jonathan Groff as the reindeer-loving Kristoff in Frozen II – could he be ready to take the plunge with Princess Anna? Find out in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

Kristoff (Jonathan Groff)


Gruff but reliable Kristoff hasn’t changed much since we last saw him. He still prefers reindeers to humans and silence to small talk, but girlfriend Anna has managed to fix him up a little, to the point where voice actor Jonathan Groff (another Tony Award-winning Broadway sensation) hints that the previously girlfriend-shy ice harvester is ready to take his and Anna’s relationship to the next level. Could a proposal be on the cards?

Anyone for a warm hug? Josh Gad is back as the summer-loving snowman, Olaf, in Frozen II – in ODEON cinemas from 22 November.

Olaf (Josh Gad)


Forget Frosty, 2013 saw a new jolly, happy snowman making the children laugh and play – and Frozen fans will be thrilled to hear than loveable Olaf is back for this second adventure.

Magically built by Elsa at the start of the first movie, Olaf has a habit of losing his head in a crisis – literally! – but he was ultimately invaluable in helping the sisters overcome Anna’s evil ex, Prince Hans. Expect more heroics in this sequel, as the summer-loving snowman joins Elsa and Anna on their epic journey.

Queen Iduna and King Agnarr (Evan Rachel Wood and Alfred Molina)


The loss of her parents in the first film was a key catalyst in Elsa shutting herself away from the world. In this sequel, we find out more about Queen Iduna (now voiced by Evan Rachel Wood) and her husband Agnarr (Alfred Molina) via a series of emotionally charged flashbacks. Indeed, it is Agnarr who first tells the girls of the enchanted forest that will shape much of this adventure.

If anyone can come back with something as good or better, then it’s Disney,” said Wood of Frozen II. “I think it’s just going to knock people’s socks off.

Lieutenant Destin Matthias (Sterling K. Brown)


Joining the cast for this hugely anticipated sequel is the Emmy and Golden Globe- winning Sterling K. Brown.

The This Is Us and Black Panther actor plays the impressive-sounding Lieutenant Destin Matthias, a soldier, who along with his men, has been trapped in the enchanted forest for 30 years. Said a clearly delighted Brown of his involvement: “Earlier today I got to hold my action figurine, and I was like: ‘Oh snap!’ I’m just fanning out on the whole experience of it.

Yelana, Honeymaren and Ryder (Martha Plimpton, Rachel Matthews and Jason Ritter)


Very few details have been released about this new trio of characters and the internet is consequently wild with speculation. We know that Yelena (voiced by Emmy Award-winning actress Martha Plimpton) is the unspoken leader of the mysterious Northuldra tribe and that Honeymaren (Rachel Matthews) and Ryder (Jason Ritter) are siblings who also belong to the tribe.

Ryder shares Kristoff’s love of reindeers and longs to travel, while Honeymaren has been described as “bold and brave” and “a true free spirit”. Hmmm, remind you of anyone else we know? We can’t wait to see how these three factor into the fun!

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