Men in Black: International - Glossary

Dust off your suit. Shine up your shades. Hit your local ODEON for Men in Black: International, and celebrate the return of the alien-bashing agency who laugh in the face of dress-down Fridays.

It’s two decades since the original Men in Black – and seven years since MIB3. So if you feel like you’ve had your memory erased by a Neuralyzer, here’s a guide to all the need-to-know characters, gadgets and jargon.

To celebrate the release of Men In Black International starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, we are giving away a free pair of glasses to every guest.

Simply book online or in cinema to see Men In Black International between 14 – 16 June and visit your local ODEON to pick up yours!

The Men in Black

The comic book that spawned the movie phenomenon, The Men in Black was inspired by author Lowell Cunningham watching a black van full of F.B.I. spooks. First-editions from 1990 now change hands for £100-plus.



The mystery-cloaked agency that monitors – and occasionally massacres – alien life on Earth. The MIB is headquartered in New York, but International sees the action shift to the London branch, where a mole is spilling secrets to intergalactic villains.

Agent K

A crumple-faced curmudgeon and streak of pure sarcasm, Tommy Lee Jones’s veteran agent hung over the first three movies like a deadpan Dementor. So you can imagine K’s delight in 1997’s Men in Black when he was partnered with...


Agent J

A rising star of the NYPD, James Darrell Edwards is head-hunted, suited and booted by the MIB in the original movie. If Independence Day started Will Smith’s transition from jug-eared Fresh Prince to Hollywood titan, his role as the motormouthed Agent J put the stardust on top.


Seen an alien? Then expect to find yourself on the business end of this sinister- looking silver probe, whose laser beam instantly erases any memory of the encounter (unless you’re wearing MIB-issue sunglasses). Hence the chorus of Smith’s tie-in single: “Here come the Men in Black/They won’t let you remember...”


The Worms/Annelids

Introduced in 1997's Men in Black, these energetic aliens love a coffee and cracking hilarious jokes that would steal the screen. We've seen a glimpse of them in the Men in Black: International trailer, so here's to more chuckles!

Agent H

Hemsworth brings unpredictability and unorthodoxed methods in the form of Agent H. We first meet H comatose at his desk and counting the minutes until his taco lunch – but he gets moving sharpish when the agency faces its greatest threat so far.


Agent M

Tessa Thompson’s plucky rookie had an alien encounter as a child, and has spent her whole adult life waiting to wear the suit and shades. “It took me 20 years to find you,” she informs the MIB’s top brass in International. “I want in.”

Noisy Cricket

The first firearm offered to MIB rookies, Agent J sneered at this pocket-sized mini- pistol – “I feel like I’m gonna break this damn thing!” – but soon discovered it kicked like a carthorse. M is packing a whole briefcase full of Noisy Crickets for International – and trust us, she’ll need them.



Bullets are for dinosaurs. As the standard-issue weapon for MIB field agents, the De-Atomizer is the deadliest zapper in sci-fi cinema, with fan theorists suggesting that its targets are subjected to microwave-like rays that make them explode. Messy.

High T

Nobody does ‘hard-bitten hornet’s nest’ like Liam Neeson, and as the head of MIB’s London office, his hair-trigger temper is tested by guiding H and M between disasters. “We’ve been compromised,” he tells the team in that Northern Irish growl. “It puts every citizen of this planet at risk.”


The Hive

Played by real-life dancer twins Laurent and Larry Nicholas Bourgeois, these evil UFO shapeshifters are a double-dose of mayhem. As High T warns us in his briefing: “They can take the form of anyone. We’ve never faced a threat like this before...”

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