The Japanese raid on Pearl Harbour during the Second World War was the greatest intelligence failure in American history. But a follow-up attack was foreseen: the battle of ‘Midway’.

Blasting its way into ODEON cinemas on 8 November, Roland Emmerich’s full-throttle war blockbuster Midway recreates the tide-turning World War Two battle. Here’s why it’s simply unmissable...

The action set pieces in Roland Emmerich’s war blockbuster Midway, starring Nick Jonas, will have your jaw on the floor.

1. The action is incredible!


When it comes to spectacle, Midway director Roland Emmerich is among the best in the business. His 1996 sci-fi classic Independence Day marked a quantum leap forward for visual effects and, in the years since, he’s continued to raise the bar with films such as 2012 and Godzilla. Midway is his most jaw-dropping movie yet.

Based on the game-changing WW2 battle, the fighting is so real you’ll be ducking for cover. 

Midway – in ODEON cinemas on 8 November – recreates the key World War Two battle, which turned the tide of the Second World War in favour of the Allies.

2. It’s based on true events


The Battle Of Midway marked a turning point in the Second World War.

Having discovered that the Imperial Japanese Navy was planning a second attack – following the early morning raid on Pearl Harbor, which killed 2,403 Americans – the United States made the decision to strike first, leading to what military historian John Keegan called “the most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare”.

Knowing that what you’re seeing on screen actually happened makes the astonishing Midway all the more powerful.

Roland Emmerich’s Midway is told from the point of view of both the Americans and the Japanese.

3. The story is told from both sides


Intriguingly, and dare we say it, unusually, Midway recreates the battle from the point of view of both the Allied and Axis powers.

From an American perspective, the story unfolds through the eyes of the pilots aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise – specifically real-life dive bomber Richard Halsey ‘Dick’ Best – as well as Naval Intelligence officer Edwin Layton, code breaker Joseph Rochefort and Admiral Chester W. Nimitx. While for the Japanese, events are told through officers’ Tamon Yamaguchi, Kaku Tomeo and Chuichi Nagumo

Luke Evans stars as Allied soldier Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky in Midway – in ODEON cinemas from 8 November.

4. There are stars galore


For the war blockbuster of the year, Emmerich has recruited the cast of the year.

Playing Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky is Luke Evans, Aaron Eckhart is Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, while Nick Jonas is Aviation Machinist Mate Bruno Gaido. And that’s just for starters.

Three-time Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson is Admiral Chester Nimitz, while Dennis Quaid, star of Emmerich’s global-warming gobsmacker The Day After Tomorrow, plays Vice Admiral William ‘Bull’ Halsey. Talk about ‘stars’ and stripes! 

Director Roland Emmerich on the set of Midway. This epic war blockbuster contains his two trademarks: epic action and plenty of heart. See it in ODEON cinemas from 8 November.

5. It hits you where it hurts


If you’ve ever seen a Roland Emmerich film you’ll know that connecting with audiences emotionally is as important to the director as wowing them visually.

With its lengthy running time, Midway develops each and every one of its main characters – on both sides – which means that when disaster strikes or hearts break, they’re not just collateral damage. You really feel their suffering/the pain of their loss.

Midway – in ODEON cinemas from 8 November.

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