The Secret Life of Pets 2: A Who's Who Guide

Patton Oswalt is Max

Jack Russells might have a reputation as ankle-biters, but Max was the original movie’s loveable everydog. Back then, his biggest headache was competing with Duke for the affections of their owner, Katie. But how is Max going to cope in Pets 2, when Katie gets married – and suddenly there’s a baby on the scene?

Kevin Hart is Snowball

The motormouth comic owns the screen as the adorable white rabbit with the dark side. Dropped down the loo by a former owner – hence the name of his notorious criminal gang, The Flushed Pets – Snowball was the villain of the first movie, and somehow we don’t buy his ‘reformed character’ routine.

Lake Bell is Chloe

An apathetic plus-size princess, this grey tabby doesn’t think about much beyond the contents of her owner’s fridge. Stately and sarcastic, Pets 2 promises to show us another side of Chloe when she overdoses on catnip.

Jenny Slate is Gidget

As Max’s love interest, this pampered Pomeranian looks like she should be poking out of Paris Hilton’s handbag. But Gidget showed her tough side in a scrap with The Flushed Pets in the first movie – and Pets 2 promises belly-laughs as Chloe coaches her in the ways of becoming a cat.

Tiffany Haddish is Daisy

As a new breed for Pets 2, this pocket-sized Shih Tzu is a fast-talking livewire with the Girls Trip comedienne at the mic. Daisy is on a mission to bust a white tiger out of Happy Sergei’s Circus of Fun – but do we detect a little flirting with Snowball?

Harrison Ford is Rooster

Yes, you read that right: Illumination have only gone and signed up Han Solo. If you’re not curious to see what Ford does with his latest role as a gravel-voiced farmyard sheepdog, then frankly you’re not much of a movie fan.

Rounding out the Pack

Eric Stonestreet is Duke

Imagine Chewbacca hopped-up on E numbers and you’re getting close to Duke: the hurricane-like Newfoundland rescue mutt whose rivalry with Max drove the first Pets film in 2016. And if you’ve seen Eric Stonestreet on Modern Family, you’ll know that nobody does ‘force of nature’ better...

Bobby Moynihan is Mel

What pumped-up pug Mel lacks in brainpower, he makes up for with megawatt energy – in a performance brought to life by Saturday Night Live stalwart Bobby Moynihan. Whatever you do, don’t show him a squirrel.

Tara Strong is Sweetpea

If you’ve seen a kids’ movie since the millennium, you’ve heard Tara Strong: this vocal talent has aced everything from Rugrats to Teen Titans. Now, she voices a renegade budgie, prone to busting out of her cage and firing up the games console.

Hannibal Buress is Buddy

Finally, Buddy is a chilled-out dachshund whose street-smarts help bring Max home in the original Pets. Expect his sausage-like dimensions to help the gang out of a few more scrapes in the sequel.

ODEON says...

Max, Duke, Snowball, Gidget and Chloe are back for ‘The Secret Life Of Pets 2’, where we’ll continue to observe the adventures our pets get up to while we’re away.

Every day when we leave for work or school, our pets are by themselves – and when they’re unsupervised, they have a knack for getting into all kinds of trouble.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 features enough mutts and moggies to make your head spin. This isn’t a cast, it’s a menagerie. So before you take your seats on 24 May for Illumination’s latest hit animation, check out our furball roll-call...

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