Film Buff? Get Buff With Our ODEON Film Workout

Struggling to motivate yourself for that home workout? Get ready to (Ice) Blast them bods because we've pulled together a 10 step workout featuring some of our favourite films.

What better way to exercise (we use that word loosely over here) than with some familiar faces? So scroll down and get ready to break a sweat with the stars.

Have fun and don't forget to show us your best #ODEONmoves on social!


1. 2 minute warm up with the Prime Minister (Love Actually)


Limber up with the Prime Minister of Great Britain (Hugh Grant) by shaking those hips and getting those arms moving to the beat of your favourite feel-good song.

2. 60 seconds of Horizontal Running (Pitch Perfect)


Don’t rush straight into the cardio! Take (quite literally) a laid back approach with Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) from Pitch Perfect, and practice 60 seconds of her trademark horizontal running.

3. 5 Bend and Snaps (Legally Blonde)


Oh! You’ve dropped something on the floor that you need to pick up. Better take a lesson from the legendary Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) and complete 5 Bend and Snaps. Works every time!

4. 10 Purple Cobras (Dodgeball)


Now it’s time to get the blood pumping! Channel your inner White Goodman (Ben Stiller) in Dodgeball and complete 10 of these Purple Cobra entrance moves. No wrench dodging required.

5. 1 minute of celebrating (Burn After Reading)


You’re halfway there! Celebrate like you’ve just found out who the “Secret Guy” is with Chad (Brad Pitt) in Burn After Reading. Get those arms up and curl those biceps as you click your fingers!

6. 2 minutes of The Twist (Pulp Fiction)


Put down that milkshake and get on your dancing shoes! Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) just asked you to take to the dance floor, so it’s time to shake your tail feather and complete two minutes of The Twist.

7. Get down, down, down for 1 minute (Napoleon Dynamite)


Grab your chapstick (for when your “lips hurt real bad”), it’s time for an education in freestyling from Napolean (Jon Heder).

Start with a squat and create waves with your hand and hips repeat for one minute, make it your own!

8. 30 second Crane (Karate Kid)


Calm yourself, find that inner peace and concentrate as you perform the infamous Miyagi-Do Crane Kick. Balance and hold yourself for 15 seconds on each foot, and try not to kick anyone in the face!

9. 2 sets of stair climbs (Rocky)


You’re at the final straight, so let’s finish like an Italian Stallion! Race up your nearest set of stairs and stay fighting fit like Philadelphia’s favourite son, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).

10. And.. finish it off with some Air Drums to your favourite song with Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones's Diary)


Time for a cool down. This needs no explaining. Celebrate in style as you’ve reached the end of the workout. All together now … ALL BY MYSELF!

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