What better way to welcome back the big screen than with a big screen-inspired celebration?

From a Rocky-resembling clenched fist in the air to a jubilant, Bollywood-style song-and-dance routine, here are seven ways to mark ODEON cinemas reopening in style… which one is right for you?

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1. The Smooth One-liner


If you’re the type of moviegoer who’s not particularly fond of revealing their emotions, then might we suggest you celebrate cinemas reopening with a slick one-liner.

Whether it’s Iceman and Maverick getting the better of Russian MiGs (“You can be my wingman anytime,” “You can be mine!”) or James Bond offing yet another bad guy (“Shocking!” “I think he got the point!” “He always did have an inflated opinion of himself!”), it’s a way of showing your pleasure without betraying your cool exterior.

2. The Song-and-dance Routine


Or, you might be someone who likes to make a statement. In which case, why not share your happiness with a full-blown, all-out, unrestrained song-and-dance number?

For inspiration, look no further than the ending of Danny Boyle’s wonderful Oscar-winner, Slumdog Millionaire. Having won the jackpot and gotten the girl, and with the credits rolling and Jai Ho blaring out, Dev Patel, Freida Pinto and friends break into a glorious Bollywood-style knees up. For a film that takes some very dark turns at points, it’s an incredibly uplifting way to sign off.

Anything from La La Land or Fred and Ginger’s movie back catalogue will also boldly get your point across.

3. The Party To End Them All


Throughout human history we’ve celebrated joyous occasions by having a party. And you know who throws the biggest and best parties? That’s right, Hollywood.

Whether it’s the epic razzmatazz of The Great Gatsby, the glamorous decadence of Marie Antoinette or the frat boy antics of Bad Neighbours, when money’s no object, the fun – and cakes – just keep coming.

These difficult times mean you’ll have to get a little creative, of course, but hey, at least with a Zoom shindig you’ll only have to clear up your own mess afterwards.

4. The Don’t Stop Me Now


The opposite of The Smooth One-Liner: The Don’t Stop Me Now is when you’re – to quote The Pointer Sistersso excited and you just can’t hide it.

Witness Cuba Gooding Jr at the 1997 Academy Awards. Having won the Best Supporting Oscar for his fantastic performance in Jerry Maguire, Cuba gave a speech that has gone down as one of the great moments in movie awards history. When the music starts up to tell him his allotted time is over, he carries on regardless, growing increasingly passionate and enthusiastic in his delivery.

It’s raw, spontaneous and quite frankly, all kinds of wonderful.

5. The Inspiring Speech


If your family or lockdown companions aren’t quite as enthusiastic about the return of cinema as you, why not inspire them with an impassioned speech?

President Bill Pullman’s heart-pounder in Independence Day should do it (“Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”) but you could also take notes from Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, Mel Gibson in Braveheart and good ol’ Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

By the time you’ve dropped the mic, they’ll be begging you to book those tickets!

6. The Fist In The Air


Salute the moment with a thrust fist in the air.

It’s a movie staple that never fails to fire the blood and you can take your pick from Rocky to Free Willy to The Breakfast Club to The NeverEnding Story.

Also acceptable: fist clenching, fist pumping, and two arms raised aloft (preferably when it’s raining and you’ve just crawled out of a sewage pipe).

7. The Dramatic Gesture


If, like us, you’re a sucker for rip-roaring movie moments, then this final entry is definitely the choice for you.

You could try standing on your home office desk and quoting poetry like the young men in Dead Poets Society (although for goodness sake don’t fall off) or simply tell a small fib (“I’m Spartacus. I’m Spartacus. I’m Spartacus.”).

Be warned though: you might be overcome by a sudden wave of emotion. Maybe even a lump in the throat.

Joking aside, isn’t it great to have the movies back where they belong?

How will you celebrate the return of cinema?

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