The Invisible Man 2020: Cast And Characters, Trailer, History - From Book To Screen

Be afraid, be very afraid. H G Wells’ seminal horror book The Invisible Man has been given the inspired Blumhouse treatment, and you might never sleep again.

Book your tickets now and then read on for everything you need to know about the elusive villain – from character origins to cast and plot of the new movie.

First edition of H G Wells’ classic 1897 horror book The Invisible Man.

Character Origins

The Invisible Man is the creation of English writer H G Wells, known as “the father of science fiction”.

The character first appeared in 1897, in a serial published by Pearson’s Weekly, with a book – The Invisible Man by H G Wells – released that same year.

The novel follows the misadventures of Griffin, a scientist who discovers a way to make himself invisible by changing his body’s refractive index.

Unable to reverse the process, and driven somewhat mad by the procedure, he plots a “reign of terror” against the local townsfolk.

The terrifying The Invisible Man poster – dare you see it?

Previous Movie Adaptations


Over the decades, Wells’ unsettlingly brilliant novel has been the inspiration for countless TV series and movies.

Amongst all those interpretations, 1933's The Invisible Man remains arguably the most spine-chilling take on the terrifying tale and maniacal character.

Claude Rains as The Invisible Man in the 1933 Universal Pictures classic.

Helmed by horror icon James Whale and starring Casablanca’s Claude Rains in one of his earliest roles, it was a huge success for Universal Pictures.

Wells was unconvinced, saying that while he liked the film it had “taken his brilliant scientist and changed him into a lunatic”.

In The Invisible Man 2020, Cecilia takes a shower and a handprint ominously appears on the steamy glass.

The Invisible Man 2020: Cast And Characters


The Invisible Man 2020 takes a few artistic liberties with H G Wells’ original book.

Director Leigh Whannell tells the story from the point of view of Griffin’s estranged girlfriend, Cecilia, played by Elisabeth Moss - star of the brilliant but bleak The Handmaid’s Tale.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen - from The Haunting Of Hill House - plays the elusive mad scientist.

Aldis Hodge (Hidden Figures) and Storm Reid (A Wrinkle In Time) also star in what really is one of the films of the year so far!

In The Invisible Man 2020, as the rain pours down, an exhausted and overwhelmed Cecilia leans against an emergency services vehicle.

The Invisible Man 2020: Blumhouse Takes The Reigns


The Invisible Man (2020) was originally slated to be part of Universal’s Dark Universe – a series of connected movies featuring Universal’s Classic Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc).

Instead, a creative change saw the studio announce that all future films based on the characters would instead be standalone stories.

Jason Blum took over as producer on The Invisible Man for his company Blumhouse Productions – and briefed director Leigh Whannell to up the terror factor. “Those [Universal] Monster movies are near and dear to my heart,” revealed Blum. “That’s why I wanted to do this.”

In The Invisible Man 2020, fighting tooth and nail, Cecilia is dragged away by two guards.

The Invisible Man 2020: Trailer Reaction


Our first look at the Blumhouse-produced The Invisible Man film came with the release of the trailer in November 2019 – and the sighs of relief from horror fans could be audibly heard.

Racking up nearly six million views between then and now, it’s a 150-second exercise in pure tension. H G Wells’ original novel walked the line between comedy and horror, and James Whale’s 1933 film did the same.

This version isn’t bothering with any such balancing act. It has one aim: to scare the living daylights out of you. As the tagline states...

...what you can’t see can hurt you!

The terrifying The Invisible Man poster – dare you see it?

The Invisible Man – at ODEON from February 28

When her abusive, scientist lover commits suicide, Cecilia Cast (Elisabeth Moss) believes it’s an elaborate hoax designed to torment her. And she becomes even more convinced when things start going bump in the night.

But how do you stop a madman you can’t see?

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