It's gonna rock ya, baby!

Driven by Rami Malek’s sensational performance as Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody is a worthy, hugely entertaining tribute to four young men who changed the face of music as we know it. To find out why you shouldn’t miss this dazzling Queen biopic, read on below…



As Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek turns in a pitch-perfect performance. He not only looks like the iconic vocalist, he sounds like him too.

In fact, the resemblance – in appearance, mannerisms and vocals – is uncanny. You’ll almost believe you’re watching the great man himself.

Malek’s next task besides singing, was to perfect Freddie Mercury’s trademark flamboyance and flair – something that was easier said than done. “You don’t want to mimic Freddie,” Malek explains. “You want to be able to understand why he did what he did.”

To achieve this understanding, Malek decided that a movement coach was needed and the highly regarded Polly Bennett was brought in. “I spent a lot of time with Rami trying to work out little mannerism tricks… every eye look, every turn, every flick of the microphone,” Bennett reveals. The result? Well, it’s simply jaw-dropping.


“Roger, there’s only room in this band for one hysterical queen,” says Freddie at one point in the film and, indeed, of the foursome it was Mercury who more often than not stole the headlines.

When it came to Queen’s music, however, it was very much a team effort with all four members contributing to the band’s unique sound.

And what a sound! From ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ to ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ and ‘I Want To Break Free’ to ‘Radio Ga Ga’ and ‘We Will Rock You’, Queen created not just one or two iconic songs, but countless unforgettable tracks. In fact, their Greatest Hits album remains the best-selling album in the UK ever.

In Bohemian Rhapsody, we get to see how some of Queen’s most memorable songs came about, including the titular anthem. And you know what? It’s an absolute privilege to witness (especially since, thanks to Brian May and Roger Taylor's involvement in the production, we know that’s really how it happened).


Directed by X-Men’s Bryan Singer, Bohemian Rhapsody chronicles the period between Queen’s formation in the 1970s and the band’s 1985 appearance at the Live Aid fund-raising concert.

Those lucky enough to be have been at this gig will recall one of the greatest musical performances of all time. Live Aid, on July 13, 1985, was the greatest live concert ever staged. Apart from the audiences at the events,  it was estimated that another two billion people in 60 countries watched it on television.

There was one thing that everyone agreed on: Queen’s mind-blowing 20-minute set stole the show.

With Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy and Joseph Mazzello superbly supporting Malek’s Freddie as May, Taylor and bass guitarist John Deacon respectively, Bohemian Rhapsody dazzlingly recreates this phenomenal performance. You’ll have goosebumps on your shivers.

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