Nine Easter Eggs In Film You May Have Missed

Happy Easter!

We’ve been on a hunt and found you some cracking Easter Eggs… not the chocolate kind, but the film kind.

For a while now directors have been sneaking in clever nods and references in their films and here are nine of our favourites…

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A Celebrity Turnout On Elsa’s Coronation Day

It’s Elsa’s coronation and for the first time in forever, they’re opening up the gates, there’ll be actual, real, live people turning up from far and wide to celebrate.

They’re going to need those 8000 salad plates.

And look! Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled made the guest list… blink and you’ll miss them.

Fight Club

Get Your Caffeine Fix On Planet Starbucks...

The first rule of Fight Club is ‘you do not talk about Fight Club’, but how could we not…

Let’s talk about it over a cup of coffee - many of them.

Director David Fincher placed a Starbucks cup in every scene of the film. Now you know, you won’t be able to watch it in the same way again.

See if you can find every one!


Conjuring A Superhero

Linked by actors, directors, VFX artists, and production companies - it’s little wonder that characters are crossing the fictional veil between the DC Universe and The Conjuring Universe.

In a knowing nod to fans of both franchises, the opening scene from Shazam! sees an Annabelle doll perched on the shelves of a pawn shop. Creepily, this isn’t the first time the possessed puppet has popped up in the DCU - she was also seen stalking the sea in Aquaman.

Toy Story

All Work And No Play Makes Pixar A Dull Boy

When you think of hidden easter eggs in films, you almost definitely think of Pixar and Toy Story is no exception to the trend.

The horrible kid next door Sid shares a certain iconic carpet with the terrifying Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and the number 237 (the number of *that* hotel room) pops up repeatedly. Heeeeeere’s Woody!

I Am Legend

End Of The World? Still, Time To Catch A Film

In a scene where Will Smith’s Robert Neville is walking through a desolate Times Square in New York City, we can’t help but notice a large billboard sporting a Batman vs Superman reference almost a decade before it’s release…

No, this wasn’t a clever promotion of the film, but more of a prophetic in-joke between Screenwriter and Producer Akiva Goldsman and Director Francis Lawrence.


I Can Show You The… Disney Castle

Disney are known to hark back to moments from previous classics and the live-action Aladdin follows that trend.

As Aladdin and Genie speak in the desert, the magic carpet is off to the side building a super elaborate sandcastle. But this isn’t just any castle, it’s Cinderella’s Castle.

Carpet even throws sand over the castle like Tinker Bell’s pixie dust that flies across the castle in Disney’s iconic intro.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Putting The ‘Extra’ In Extra-terrestrial

When E.T. phoned home, who could've imagined his call was answered a long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away…

George Lucas did exactly that in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. In a key scene, we spot a trio of beings that look a lot like Steven Spielberg’s iconic extra-terrestrial.

Lucas was actually honouring a promise he had made to Spielberg, who dropped multiple references to Star Wars in his 1982 classic.

Baby Driver

That's My Baby

Baby Driver is full to the brim with easter eggs and references.

But one of our favourites comes in the form of some classic Edgar Wright foreshadowing.

Baby has a tendency to repeat phrases he’s heard on TV earlier in the film, including clips from It’s Complicated and Fight Club.

He even channels Mike from Monsters Inc. when he tells Doc “You and I are a team.”

The Greatest Showman

This Is The Greatest Secret

As film Easter eggs go, this one is certainly 'a cut above'.

Hugh Jackman may have hung his claws up for The Greatest Showman… but this didn’t stop Wolverine making a cameo in the hit musical's credits.

Wolverine’s arms and claws with an Easter egg head can be found on Executive Producer James Mangold’s title card, who directed Jackman in both The Wolverine and Logan.

Can you see it?

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