5 best things about the final Fast 9 trailer – “It’s good to be back…”

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Introduced by Vin ‘Dominic Toretto’ Diesel himself, the final Fast 9 trailer tugs at the heartstrings before delivering a triumphant smackdown of action highlights from the first BIG action blockbuster of summer 2021.

From teasers of see-it-to-believe-it action, destructive family feuds, and surprise reunions, there's a wealth of goodies to get us excited about this latest instalment to the saga.

These are the very best bits to whet your appetite before F9 redlines it onto ODEON screens on 24 June.

Fast and Furious 9 release date: 24 June

Final Fast 9 trailer highlight 1: “It’s been a while…”

We all know how the challenges of the last year have shrunk our horizons and made it harder to think big.

But, as Vin Diesel says in a direct-to-camera intro to the final Fast 9 trailer, “We’re starting to see the promise of a new day.”

And far be it from us to disagree with the gravel-voiced man-mountain who’s led the stupendously entertaining Fast and Furious franchise ever since its first quarter-mile sprint back in 2001.

Fast 9 is finally almost upon us, and with its intoxicating blend of bonkers automotive action sequences, high-drama international espionage, and heart-warmingly wholesome belief in the power of family and friends, we cannot imagine a better blockbuster to kick off a summer of brilliant big-screen entertainment.


Final Fast 9 trailer highlight 2: “Well, that was new!”

Whether you’re riding shotgun on a light-speed flight across the galaxy, watching ‘scraper-sized monsters levelling cities, or joining a misfit crew of car-obsessed action heroes to take down an international cyber-terrorist, the best summer blockbusters invite you to join them on a journey of escapism and to believe.

(From left) Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom (Vin Diesel) take a leap of faith in F9, directed by Justin Lin.

© 2021 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

And few action franchises reward your buy-in to the big-screen experience as spectacularly as Fast and Furious.

Check out the Fast 9 final trailer’s Hail Mary cliff drive. In it, we see action-marrieds, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom (Vin Diesel) hurtling over the remains of a shattered bridge in a Charge Hellcat Widebody, somehow snagging a wheel arch on a rope and using the momentum to pendulum across the gap to safety.

Is it physically possible? Not in the slightest. Is it, however, 100% Fast and Furious, and spectacularly entertaining? You betcha.

Want to know the amazing vehicles you can expect to see in Fast 9? You can get up to speed on Fast & Furious 9 right here.


Final Fast 9 trailer highlight 3: “Do you miss the old life?”

The Fast Saga has its roots in LA street-racing culture but over nine phenomenally feel-good films, it’s evolved into so much more than that.

Today, it’s a thrill-seeking espionage action franchise that’ll always order an ice-cold lager rather than a fancy cocktail; that’ll wear a tux if required but prefers oily overalls and a garage full of half-built muscle cars.

Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) reconnect after time apart.

© 2021 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Above all, though, the Fast and Furious series is about Toretto’s crew – a tight-knit family of drivers, mechanics and other specialists who work together against impossible odds and always, always have one another’s backs.

And, while the crew has lost a few beloved members over the years – RIP Paul Walker – (and gained some awesome new faces, too), the saga’s unashamedly heartwarming family-is-everything vibe is as centred in Fast 9 as it’s ever been, making this a blockbuster with true heart. And we’re so here for that.


Final Fast 9 trailer highlight 4: “I’m ready if you are.”

Ever since the Fast and Furious series was rebooted as a petrolhead heists ‘n’ espionage saga with 2009’s Fast & Furious, it has revelled in a rogue’s gallery of villains, each more charismatic and committed to crime/chaos/revenge than the last. 

Fast 9 brings back cyberterrorist Cipher – Charlize Theron with a bowl-cut and a ruthless streak a mile wide – from 2017’s The Fate of the Furious. But, not to be outdone by its own predecessors, F9 also ups the ante, introducing John Cena as assassin and Cipher’s right-hand-muscle, Jakob Toretto.

(From left) Jakob (John Cena) and Cipher (Charlize Theron) in F9, directed by Justin Lin.

© 2021 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

And, yes, that’s ‘Toretto’ as in Dominic Toretto’s estranged baby brother!

It seems as though Dom’s epic love of family doesn’t extend to Jakob, so what’s the story there?

Finding out what turned the Toretto boys into deadly enemies is going to be central to Fast 9’s plot. We hope they bury the hatchet by the end of the film – just not in one another’s backs…


Final Fast 9 trailer highlight 5: “It’s good to be back.”

“It’s good to be back.” So says Han Lue (Sung Kang), a beloved Toretto crew member fans believed was dead – until he resurfaced in the Fast 9 trailers, that is.

It’s good to have him back and mixing it up with Dom, Letty, Tej, Roman, Mia, Ramsey and the rest of the extended fam.

It’s also great to have the Fast and Furious back after a far-too-long four-year absence.

But, above all, it’s fantastic that Fast 9 is bringing the fist-pumping, adrenaline-spiking action blockbuster back to the big screen where it belongs.

(From left) Han (Sung Kang) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) in F9, directed by Justin Lin.

© 2021 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Turbocharge your Fast and Furious 9 experience with an ODEON-exclusive Fast 9 clip and awesome competition

If you’re as excited as we are about Fast and Furious 9’s powerslide into cinemas on 24 June, allow us to redline your anticipation with a couple of ODEON-exclusive items we know you’re going to love. 

The first is a brilliant behind-the-scenes F9 clip showing the filming of Dom’s breakneck drive along a Tbilisi shopping street as his electromagnet-equipped car pulls tons of white goods out through store windows to slam into his pursuers’ vehicles. It absolutely rocks.

The second exclusive we have for you is a competition every Fast Saga fan will want to enter.

We’ve partnered with Universal Pictures to give you the chance to win an exclusive framed artwork signed by the cast plus a beautifully detailed collectable Fast 9 model car from Jada Toys.

What do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize? Simply book your Fast and Furious 9 tickets online with ODEON by June 30.

Seeing this summer’s biggest blockbuster and the chance to win big? That’s a win-win situation right there…

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