Why first man is One the most intense space films of all time

The historic Moon landing is brought to dramatic life in Damien Chazelle’s First Man. Here’s why it’s a must-see…



If ever anything needed to be experienced in IMAX, it’s outer space. Cinematographer Linus Sandgren shot the movie in a mix of textured 35mm and grainy 16mm to give a sense of the time period, and spectacular IMAX to really transport audiences into space! The reasons why you must watch the film on the biggest screen possible are:

1.Stunning lunar sequences filmed with IMAX cameras

See the film the way the director intended. Filmmaker Damien Chazelle has captured the breathtaking lunar sequences of First Man with IMAX’s extremely high-resolution 2D film cameras to deliver IMAX audiences greater scope and stunning image quality.

2.See up to 26% more picture

With IMAX’s aspect ratio, audiences will see up to 26% more picture on screen, only in IMAX. This menas an image with unprecedented crispness, clarity and color saturation for a truly immersive experience.

3. Immersive, heart-pounding audio

In IMAX, audiences will feel the emotion (and the incredible rocket launch) of the revolutionary mission to the moon through powerful surround sound. it’s as if IMAX audiences are there with Neil Armstrong taking those historic first steps on the moon.


The music, the director, the cinematography, the stars… It’s safe to say First Man is already orbiting the golden statues, with Claire Foy out in front as favourite to win Best Supporting Actress for her incredible turn as Neil’s wife Janet Armstrong.

Caught between playing supportive spouse, protective mother and terrified lover, the strength of resolve she musters as her husband puts his life at risk to make history is nothing shot of captivating from start to finish. 

The OSCARS bets:

  1. Best Picture
  2. Best Director
  3. Best Actor
  4. Best Suppoorting Actress
  5. Best Cinematography


We all know the story of the first man on the Moon, right? It launched generations of imaginations into infinity and beyond. And this is no fictionalised, Hollywood account of events – it’s based on the only official biography of Neil Armstrong.

Written by James R Hansen, it was such a big deal the movie rights were snapped up by Clint Eastwood and Warner Bros. two years before the book was even published. That first project never got liftoff, but Universal and DreamWorks took over the rights in the mid 2010s, hiring the author to co-produce and launching First Man into production.


The pair may have set the Academy Awards alight in 2016 with musical drama La La Land, but the first time director Damien Chazelle ever met Ryan Gosling was to pitch him the role of Armstrong in First Man.

Due to ‘scheduling’ (and other official Hollywood jargon), the pair ended up collaborating on La La Land before this movie. And, if the result of that surprise hit is anything to go by, the dynamic duo are sure to have another runaway hit on their hands. 

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