Everyone’s going Gaga for Ridley Scott’s new Gucci movie. Here’s all the info on the House Of Gucci release date, trailer, cast and more

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A star-studded true-crime tale of lies, greed, betrayal and murder, Ridley Scott’s House Of Gucci movie proves that nobody does dysfunctional families like the fashion industry.

From the real-life scandal to Lady Gaga’s starring role, here’s everything you need to know before the House Of Gucci release date on 26th November.

House Of Gucci release date: 26th November

What’s the backstory to the new Gucci movie?

You don’t have to be a fashionista to know that Gucci is the most glamorous brand on earth.

Founded a century ago by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, this iconic Italian fashion house has become a fixture in jet-set wardrobes from Manhattan to Monaco. 

To wear Gucci is to convey instant class, über-sophistication and untouchable breeding – provided you don’t commit the cardinal sin of pronouncing it wrong (always ‘goochee’, never ‘gukki’).

In modern times, Gucci is the very model of respectability. But the fashion house’s affairs haven’t always run so smoothly.

As we’re told by the voiceover in the House Of Gucci trailer, at a certain infamous flashpoint in the late-’90s, all that wealth and success soured into an epic tale of family dysfunction.

What’s the House Of Gucci movie about?

The new Gucci movie takes its cues from Sara Gay Forden’s explosive 2001 book, The House Of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed.

But the scandalous real-life machinations of the Gucci clan – and the fatal shooting of Gucci heir Maurizio Gucci in 1995 – really come alive in this new Gucci movie from legendary director Ridley Scott.

Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani and Vincent Riotta as Fernando Reggiani .in Ridley Scott’s.HOUSE OF GUCCI. A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film

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House Of Gucci begins in 1970 with the meteoric rise of Patrizia Reggiani: a young woman who transcends her humble roots in Northern Italy to enter the orbit of the elite.

Meeting Maurizio at a party and ignoring the disapproval of the Gucci clan (Maurizio’s father, Rodolfo Gucci, allegedly called her “a social climber who has nothing in mind but money”), the couple marry and move to New York, where Patrizia becomes queen bee of the high-society circuit.

What goes wrong in the House Of Gucci movie?

Fashion is a fickle world and, in 1985, Maurizio ended the marriage abruptly.

When the divorce was settled in 1994, Patrizia was to be given an annual alimony payment of $1.47 million, but forbidden by law from using the Gucci surname (she kept it anyway, claiming to be “the most Gucci of them all”).

This perfect storm of betrayal and revenge all led to the fateful day on March 27th, 1995, when Maurizio was gunned down on the steps of his office.

Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s..HOUSE OF GUCCI .A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film

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In 1998, Patrizia was convicted for arranging the hit and sentenced to 29 years in San Vittore prison. She ultimately served eighteen, leaving jail in 2016 to live a quieter life in Milan, where she can still be spotted with a parrot on her shoulder.



Who are the key characters in the House Of Gucci movie?

The heart of Ridley Scott’s new Gucci movie is Lady Gaga as Patrizia. Glamorous, dangerous and icily charismatic, the pop star plays this infamous figure as the ultimate femme fatale, whose eyes dance with skulduggery and who makes tapping a teaspoon on an espresso seem ominous.

Let’s just say, when Patrizia talks about “taking out the trash” in the House Of Gucci trailer, she doesn’t mean binning last season’s jeggings.

Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s.HOUSE OF GUCCI.A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film

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Elsewhere, the combination of House Of Gucci’s gripping true story and Ridley Scott’s involvement means some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have come out to play.

Bringing Maurizio back from the grave, Star Wars’ Adam Driver captures both the carefree sizzle between the young couple and their poisonous unravelling in middle-age.

Veteran Britpacker Jeremy Irons cracks the whip as patriarch Rodolfo Gucci.

And, for once, former dreamboat Jared Leto sets precisely no hearts fluttering, with the House Of Gucci makeup team giving him a skullcap and artificial jowls to play chief designer Paolo Gucci. From there, the Hollywood who’s who continues.

Adam Driver stars as Maurizio Gucci in Ridley Scott’s.HOUSE OF GUCCI.A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film

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From there, the Hollywood who’s who continues, with Al Pacino playing fashion house chairman Aldo Gucci and Salma Hayek taking the role of Giuseppina ‘Pina’ Auriemma: the clairvoyant and close friend of Patrizia, who was herself jailed for 25 years for her role in the murder.

Suffice to say, if this movie was any starrier, you’d need a pair of Gucci square-frame acetate sunglasses to watch it.

How good is Lady Gaga in House Of Gucci?

House Of Gucci has been in production since 2006, with Angelina Jolie, Penélope Cruz and Margot Robbie all briefly in the frame for the lead role of Patrizia.

Respect to those stars, but Gaga is the one. We already know the world’s most outrageous pop star is a serious acting talent from her breakout in 2018’s A Star Is Born, opposite Bradley Cooper.

But the word from the set is that Oscars could be in order.

Adam Driver stars as Maurizio Gucci and Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani..in Ridley Scott’s..HOUSE OF GUCCI..A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film

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“She is incredibly talented and she’s good with the accent,” Hayek told Variety of Gaga’s performance as Patrizia.

“Of course, she has an amazing ear. She is extraordinary at improvising, and not everybody has that. She really embodies the character. I’ve only seen maybe once or twice somebody commit to a character like she does…”

Perhaps the biggest endorsement of all comes from Patrizia herself, who has welcomed the casting of Gaga (while complaining that the US actress should have visited her personally out of respect).

As the 72-year-old told Italian magazine Novella 2000: “She’s a genius.”

What do we learn from the House Of Gucci trailer?

You’d expect amazing performances from a cast of this calibre. But the House Of Gucci trailer is also testament to Ridley Scott’s incomparable eye for detail.

From the swish of skis on the virgin snow of exclusive ski resorts, to the clink of flashlights on catwalks, to the throb of Blondie’s Heart Of Glass on the heaving dancefloor of New York’s Studio 54 nightclub at the height of the 1970s – this movie is the director’s poisoned love-letter to the eras and social milieus that it occupies.

What is the House Of Gucci release date and why should I see it?

The House Of Gucci release date is 26th November – and you don’t need a passion for stretch velvet flared trousers to book your tickets. As Ridley Scott told The Independent, his new Gucci movie is less about haute couture and more about the “obsession and passion” of an all-powerful family devouring itself.

Or, as Patrizia purrs in the House Of Gucci trailer: “It was a name that sounded so sweet, so seductive, synonymous with wealth, style and power. But that name was a curse, too…”

Don't just take her word for it - watch this star-studded crime saga unravel on the biggest screen possible.


See Lady Gaga in House of Gucci from November 26

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