Equations for a feel-good comedy

If you’re looking for something guaranteed to make you smile as the days turn longer, Life of the Party is the feel-good movie you need!  Why? Here are four reasons...

Comedy royalties = laugh-out-loud funny!

Laughter is like therapy. In fact, there’s such a thing as laughter therapy, so technically watching Life of the Party counts as self-help. Kind of.

Why is it so funny? The cast. With Melissa McCarthy in the lead role as Deanna, a middle-aged mother who decides to return to college when her husband leaves her, plus comedy stalwarts Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids), Julie Bowen (Modern Family) and Matt Walsh (Veep), and a script of sharp one-liners, you’ve got yourself a party everyone wants to go to!

Team McCarthy = Comedy brand 

There are not many actors who can consistently sell a film just by having their name slapped on it, but Melissa McCarthy’s unique form of slapstick crazy with a heart has become her own unique comedy brand.

You know exactly what to expect from a Melissa McCarthy film. And, since her Oscar-nominated role in Bridesmaids, it’s been full speed ahead in comedy vehicles like Identity Thief, Tammy, Spy and The Boss.

Go women in Hollywood, right? And McCarthy doesn’t sit around waiting for roles to fall into her lap. She co-writes with her husband Ben Falcone and produces through their company On The Day. 

Back to school story = strong comedy tradition

There’s a reason Hollywood has such a strong tradition of campus comedies. We all have a desire to go back to college. Not the college of stuffy libraries and cold baked beans, but the college filtered through rose-tinted glasses, where we can live vicariously from the safety of our seats.

From Van Wilder and Animal House to Old School, campus life has never looked more fun than it does on the big screen. And, in Life of the Party, McCarthy’s Deanna is determined to have “the full college experience”, which means frat parties, questionable snacks and walks of shame. Although Deanna’s daughter, who is also now her classmate, is not so sure…

No blockbuster movie = fun, free and easy comedy 

There are not superheores in this film. Sorry. Maybe that’s a spoiler? We love superheroes. We love space. We love dinosaurs. But amid the summer blockbuster line-up, Life of the Party offers something a little different.

It’s fun. It’s free and easy. And, at its heart, it’s about relationships. The relationship between Deanna and her best friend Christine (Maya Rudolph), Deanna and her daughter Jennifer (Debby Ryan), and Deanna and her new self. It’s inspiring, uplifting and it may offer just the boost you need to become life of the party yourself!

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