Mary Poppins Returns

This Christmas, Disney’s famous nanny Mary Poppins is returning for a long overdue visit to Number 17, Cherry Tree Lane. Don't miss the magic at ODEON cinemas December 21.


10 Magical facts

1 - Cast

Mary Poppins Returns sees Emily Blunt stepping into the elegant shoes of Disney’s magical nanny, and she’s joined by several A-list friends including Meryl Streep as Mary’s eccentric cousin Topsy, Colin Firth as William Weatherall Wilkins (the current president of the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank), Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer as the now-grown-up Michael and Jane Banks, Lin-Manuel Miranda as loveable lamplighter Jack and Julie Walters as housekeeper Ellen.

2 - Story

It’s a sequel not a remake. The story is based on the eight-strong Mary Poppins book series by P. L. Travers and is set 25 years after the events of the original film, in Depression-era London. Jane and Michael Banks are now grown up, although Michael is still living in the same house on Cherry Tree Lane, with three children of his own. 

3 - Music

The sequel features nine all-new songs by composer-songwriter Marc Shaiman and his co-lyricist Scott Wittman. A huge fan of the original film as a child, Shaiman admits to begging director Rob Marshall for the job. “I learned everything about songwriting, arranging, orchestrating and writing for film from the Mary Poppins soundtrack,” he reveals. “For the first 18 years of my life, that was my school.”  

4 - Singing

According to Emily Blunt, director Rob Marshall insisted the cast perform each musical number over and over again “until it’s in your body”.

5 - Animation

In a love letter to the original film, the sequel features gorgeous hand-drawn animation. Indeed, several of Disney’s animators came out of retirement to work on the movie, so excited were they by this rare opportunity.

6 - Chimney

In news that will have ‘earts beatin’ like a big brass band, Dick Van Dyke (who played chimney sweep Burt in the original, as well as bank executive Mr. Dawes Senior) appears in this film as Mr. Dawes Jr. Expect some great dancing...

7 - Oscars

The 1964 original was nominated for an incredible 13 Oscars, winning five including Best Actress, Best Music and Best Original Song (for ‘Chim Chim Cher-ree’). If early feedback is to be believed, Mary Poppins Returns could also score big with the Academy. Critics, even the most cynical of them, want a movie like this right now. 

8 - Director

Mary Poppins was the first movie Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall (Chicago) watched as a child. “Mary Poppins was what opened my mind up to movies and magic and music,” he says.

9 - Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews, who won an Oscar for her role as Mary Poppins in the 1964 original, turned down the offer of a cameo appearance (apparently...), saying that she wanted it to be “Emily’s show”. Aw! But is it going to be true...?

10 - Emily Blunt

When it came to casting the role of Mary Poppins, director Rob Marshall had only one actress in mind. “It was pretty clear that no one else could play this role as brilliantly as Emily Blunt".

Meet the Characters


In this sequel, Jane and Michael Banks – the impossibly cute kids from the original – are now adults, with Michael (Ben Wishaw) having three children of his own.

Michael has lost his wife, and may be about to lose his house, too, and is consequently a shell of a man. His sister Jane (Emily Mortimre), played by Emily Mortimer, tries her best to help him, but is finding life tough herself.

Behind the Magic

Back to Cherry Tree Lane

Mary Poppins herself aka Emily Blunt and director Rob Marshall go behind the scenes!

Sing for us,  Mary!

The latest special look for Mary Poppins Returns is now here and you can admire a bit of the interaction between actors and animation!

Wonderful to see you

The incounter we all have been waiting for...Grown-ups Michael and Jane Banks see Mary Poppins returing to their lives. 

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