Meet the wizards

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald hits cinemas the 16th November.  Here's our handy guide to the key players in this much-anticipated magical sequel…


Played by: Eddie Redmayne

    After years of research, magizoologist Newt has finally published his magnum opus. But as he tries to avoid all the attention that comes with success, any hope he had of a quiet life is ruined when his old professor Dumbledore sets him a dangerous challenge that will bring him face-to-face with darkness.

Played by: Jude Law

    Meet the young version of the Harry Potter favourite – before he became headmaster of Hogwarts (and fully grew into his beard). Dumbledore is a respected professor and powerful wizard – not to mention suavely dressed gentleman – yet for reasons we don’t quite understand, he is unable to stop Grindelwald himself and must act as puppet master from afar.

    Played by: Johnny Depp

    Seen briefly at the end of the last movie, Grindelwald appears, as if by magic, at the heart of this story. Having escaped the clutches of the MACUSA in New York, he sets off to use his cunning and charisma to recruit wizards on his mission to reign supreme over the non-magical world.

    Played by: Ezra Miller

    Free from the abusive rule of his adoptive mother, Credence is on the hunt for his real identity. Assumed non-magical, but actually Obscurial, he must try and control his power before someone else does. His only friend on the journey is Maledictus (aka Negini), whom he helped escape from the Circus Arcanus, where her transformative powers were being exploited.
    Played by: Katherine Waterston

    Tina Goldstein has been reinstated as an Auror at MACUSA (Magical Congress of the USA), but, while she remains dedicated to the job of enforcing magical law, she has not lost her independent streak. Leaving New York, Tina has traveled to Paris on a cryptic—and wholly unauthorized—investigation of her own.

    Played by: William Nadylam

    Yusuf Kama is an elegant French-African wizard who says he is the last male in his pureblood family line. After many years of obsessively searching for Credence, he has finally tracked him down in Paris. But to what end?
    Played by: Alison Sudol

    Queenie Goldstein is a free-spirited witch who is also a Legilimens—able to read minds—which can sometimes be as much a curse as it is a blessing. Queenie has fallen in love with No-Maj baker Jacob Kowalski, despite the wizarding world laws forbidding the relationship. Intent on finding a way for her and Jacob to be together, she has used magic to whisk Jacob, unwittingly, to England, where magical laws are more permissive.

    Played by: Dan Fogler

    The only no-maj in the group, Kowalski does have some skills – although mostly in baking. He’s also a great sidekick, as he joins Newt (albeit unwittingly) in London for another adventure. It almost makes up for being separated from forbidden love Queenie, whose ability to read his mind and magic him around willy-nilly are proving problematic.
    Played by: Zoe Kravitz

    Leta Lestrange is an old friend of Newt Scamander and shared a close bond with him when they were classmates—and both outsiders—at Hogwarts. She is now working at the British Ministry of Magic as the assistant to Torquil Travers, the Head of Magical Law Enforcement.

    Played by: Callum Turner

    Theseus Scamander is the older brother of Newt Scamander, though they seemingly have very little in common. Theseus is more outgoing and demonstrative than Newt. A celebrated war hero, Theseus is now the Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic and is engaged to Leta Lestrange.

    Claudia Kim is… Nagini! This final trailer also confirms a fan theory that’s been doing the rounds on the internet for goodness knows how many months. Actress Claudia Kim – who was credited as Maledictus – is actually Nagini, Voldemort’s pet snake from the Harry Potter novels/films. Human female Nagini suffers from a blood curse which will eventually permanently transform her into a snake.

    Why does Albus Dumbledore ask former pupil Newt to face Gellert Grindelwald, rather than taking him on himself? This final trailer offers up a potentially vital clue. We see Albus looking in the Mirror Of Erised – famous for revealing “the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts” – and seeing Grindelwald staring back at him. This time the Mirror also shows us younger versions of the two men... What we’re hoping this means is that we’ll finally get to see Albus’ troubled back story in full.
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