The Force may be with us, but it’s what we do with it that counts. Are you a potential Jedi trainee, a First Order follower, or a Supreme Leader?

Take our quiz to find out.

1. Someone you know upsets you. Do you:

A.  Deliver a withering put down, then get on with your day

B. Add the details to your ledger so they can be appropriately punished at a later date

C. Plan the destruction of their home planet


2. What’s your go-to breakfast of choice?:

A. Blue milk

B. Military rations – nothing fussy

C. Food is for the weak


3. Where do you live?

A. Sometimes a secret rebel base, but wherever you lay your hat is home

B. A battle cruiser, or a captured planet under the iron rule of your employer

C. In the cold embrace of the Dark Side


4. Who are your friends?

A. A rag tag band of freedom fighters

B. You don’t have friends, you have colleagues

C. Fear, hatred and rage


5. A tree has fallen in your path. Do you:

A. Use the power of The Force to move it aside

B. Manoeuvre your armoured invasion vehicle to crush it underfoot

C. Summon all your rage and hatred to blast it to dust

6. What’s your workwear look of choice?

A. Relaxed, comfortable, neutral colours

B. Sharp uniform and boots so you look exactly like everyone else

C. A lot of black, plus your signature cape and helmet for a flourish 


7. What is your weapon of choice?

A. A lightsaber 

B. A blaster if you manage to pass the exams and get one assigned to you. Fingers crossed!

C. The Death Star


8. What are you most likely to be called at work?

A. Rebel scum

B. As clumsy as you are stupid

C. My Lord 


9. What’s your preferred mode of transport?

A. A trusty old rust bucket

B. A battle cruiser – which is also your workplace. Handy.

C. A sleek and efficient ship for one, with an interior as black as your heart 


10. Who are you most likely to listen to when you need advice?

A. A small green creature in a robe

B. Your superior officer

C. Your Destiny


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You’re one of the good guys – hurray! You were sickened by the Sith, cheered to see the back of The Empire, and were happy to call last orders on The First Order. You’d get a warm welcome from Rey, Finn, Poe and the rest of the crew, and we bet you’ve got some great moves with a lightsaber. Nice work, young padawan.

We hate to break it to you, but you’re one of the bad guys. You know how your boss sometimes strangles people to prove a point? That’s a pretty big hint. But remember, it’s never too late to change. Pull together a current CV, and reach out to your network. Your unquestioning ability to follow orders will serve you well, and we know that there are plenty of employers out there who are less interested in dominating the universe.

The Force is definitely strong with you, but not in a good way to be honest. Life choices, wrong turns, evil emperors – we’ve all been there. We get it. And we sense there is still good in you – and we think you know it too. Why not take a little ‘you’ time right now? Take off that mask, take a few deep breaths. Better? Good. Why not get out and meet some new people, and treat yourself to some new clothes? (black can be so draining). This could be the beginning of a brand new you.

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