The Addams Family 2. All we know about the kookiest, spookiest road trip you’ll ever see.

Wednesday, Morticia, Gomez and Pugsley Addams, in The Addams Family 2

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The Addams Family take on America in this spooktacular animated sequel.

But on this roadtrip of a lifetime, will the kooky family famed for things that go bump in the night hit a bump in the road?

From cast and crew to story and secrets, here’s why you’ll want to ride shotgun…

The Addams Family 2 release date: 8 October 2021

What’s the backstory to The Addams Family 2?

Unless you’ve spent the last century chained up in the dungeon of a Gothic castle, you’ll already know the basics when it comes to the Addams Family. As that Grammy-nominated theme song tells us – cue skeleton fingerclicks – they’re creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and altogether ooky. But that’s just the start.

Strange to think, The Addams Family began as a 1938 cartoon in The New Yorker magazine, with artist/creator Charles Addams inverting the image of the American nuclear family with his clan of macabre aristocrats, lead by pinstriped patriarch Gomez Addams and his snooty wife, Morticia.

Charles envisaged eldest child Pugsley as “an energetic monster”, while his sister Wednesday nods to the nursery rhyme: ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe’. Completing the bloodline, the artist gave us the ogre-like Uncle Fester, babbling hairball Cousin Itt, Grandmama’s “disrespectful old hag” and the “towering mute” butler, Lurch. Oh, and a scuttling disembodied hand known only as Thing.

While not strictly undead – and far too sophisticated to be confused with zombies – the Addams Family were definitely from the dark side, living in cobwebbed splendour in an opulent mansion that would give Dracula lair envy.

The cartoon ran alongside a TV show until Charles’ passing in 1988 – but in a twist the family would surely have enjoyed, the artist’s death ignited the franchise.

In the ’90s, a brace of hit Addams Family movies assembled an all-star cast, and although the saga went as silent as the grave in the noughties, a $200-million-grossing animated film in 2019 rebooted the Addamses for the smartphone generation.

Now, with The Addams Family 2 hitting ODEON on 8 October, it’s time to wave goodbye to lockdown and take the ultimate road trip.

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What’s the plot of The Addams Family 2?

Back in 2019, the first animated movie got most of its laughs from the quirks of the family’s daily life in their mansion. Now, in director Greg Tiernan’s sequel, the clan are swapping coffins and spiders for cameras and selfie sticks – as Gomez and Morticia attempt to strengthen the bonds with their ‘scream time’-obsessed teens by dusting off the old camper van and heading out across America.

“The success of the first animated film was proof of the enduring legacy of The Addams Family and its ability to transcend popular culture,” says Tiernan. “This second film will be every bit as fun as the original.”

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Even more fun, actually. If you’ve seen The Addams Family 2 trailer, you’ll already know this is a road movie with the mother of all twists, as the world’s creepiest family are released into the community.

Rumbling along Route 66 in their hearse-styled camper van, the Addamses hit every tourist hot spot in the holiday brochure – and cause the kind of mayhem that you don’t have to be a witch coven to cackle at.

One minute, Gomez is diving off Niagara Falls in a barrel. The next, Pugsley is detonating the Grand Canyon with TNT. Meanwhile, the millionaires’ playground of Miami Beach gets a serious monstering when Cousin Itt hijacks a jet ski.

Who’s in the voice cast of The Addams Family 2?

In every incarnation, the Addams Family franchise has always brought out the big guns. Back in the ’90s, director Barry Sonnenfeld’s two movies pulled off a casting coup, managing to reel in Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, Christopher Lloyd and Joan Cusack. Spin forward a generation and the animations also boast a lineup of Hollywood blue bloods.

Addams Family 2 Gomez Addams character poster.

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Fresh from an X-Wing, Star Wars’ Oscar Isaac is note-perfect as the eternally optimistic Gomez.

“For me, I really switched onto it when I saw Raul Julia playing Gomez,” he says.

“I’ve always just admired Raul so much, so I immediately related to that character.”

Addams Family 2 Morticia Addams character poster.

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Oscar-winning Monster star Charlize Theron brings her own sub-zero charisma to Morticia. “Well, Morticia is a bit of a classic character, right?” she says.

“I think she’s really well known and there are things about her personality that are underlined and I didn’t want to take any of those things away. She is stoic and very articulate. She’s the mother hen in the family.”

Addams Family 2 Pugsley Addams character poster.
   Addams Family 2 Wednesday Addams character poster.

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Also bringing fireworks to the vocal booth, Javon Walton captures the anarchy of Pugsley, and while it’s a tough act to follow Ricci’s film-stealing performance as Wednesday, Chloë Grace Moretz is Goth’s gift to the franchise.

Look out, too, for US comic Nick Kroll’s freewheeling, semi-improvised take on Uncle Fester, writer/producer Conrad Vernon as Lurch, screen legend Bette Midler’s batty turn as Grandmama – and another run-out for Snoop Dogg’s incomprehensible Cousin Itt.

How does The Addams Family 2 move the saga onward?

As the first major Addams Family film in almost three decades, the 2019 animation faced some heavy lifting to establish character, context, setting and all that film-makery stuff.

With the sequel, the writers have busted out of those creative handcuffs and can get straight to the funny stuff.

“We laid the groundwork with the first movie, especially for people who weren't familiar with the Addams Family,” Tiernan told

“So the next step is, well, how can we go bigger or better with these characters? With any sequel, you've got to move the characters forward and explore some new territory.”

Addams Family 2 payoff poster.

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Why should I see The Addams Family 2 at ODEON?

Chances are, your own family are also kooky, ooky and big fans of spooky. Serving up cutting-edge animation, hilarious slapstick, razor-sharp one-liners and a wind-in-your-hair story that blows away the lockdown cobwebs, this much-anticipated sequel will have them howling like werecubs.


See The Addams Family 2 at ODEON from 8 October

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