From Brad Pitt cameos to bloodsucking leeches – here’s everything you need to know about The Lost City

The Lost City release date: April 15th 

The Lost City stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum as inept adventurers on the world’s most perilous quest. From the secrets of The Lost City trailer to Brad Pitt’s hilarious cameo, here’s why X hits the spot. 

What’s the setup to The Lost City?

Adventures are bad for your health. All those rolling boulders, poison darts, thrashing alligators, bottomless pits and cursed amulets can really mess with your travel insurance. And don’t get us started on the snakes.  

Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) doesn’t need to worry about any of that. As a best-selling adventure novelist, her hit books are dreamt up in the bath over iced Chardonnay, and written on an ergonomic swivel chair in her über-chic home. Loretta has never tiptoed into a booby-trapped burial chamber and watched in horror as spiked walls clank murderously towards her. And she’d like to keep it that way.

Likewise, Indiana Jones doesn’t have much competition from Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum). The hunky cover star of Loretta’s novels fancies himself as the living embodiment of their fictional hero, Dash. But this preening man-lion couldn’t go a day without aloe vera conditioner, let alone wrestle a voodoo priest on a runaway mine car.

What happens in The Lost City trailer?

Loretta and Alan are about to have their life of fluffy luxury rudely shattered. Enter Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe): a cream-suited billionaire criminal mastermind who has read Loretta’s latest novel, The Lost City Of D, and enlists her to lead the expedition to find the real deal. Did we say ‘enlist’? Actually, it’s more like a straight-up kidnapping, as Loretta is marched onto a private jet and flung to the edge of the map.

Setting off in hot pursuit – after grabbing his Kindle and sleep mask – Alan is sworn to prove he’s “more than a cover model”. As it turns out, he’s less, competing with Loretta for the title of Cinema’s Most Hopeless Action Hero. As the novelist bleats in The Lost City trailer: “Jungles eat people like us.”

The Lost City is no drippy romcom. With its rapid-fire jokes and world-class innuendo, it’s the perfect ice-breaker for date night. You’ll snigger when Alan’s head gets wedged in Loretta’s undercarriage as the pair scale a sheer cliff face. You’ll snort as the novelist dry-heaves while pulling bloodsuckers off the model’s buttocks. “We had a man glueing rubber leeches to my butt,” Tatum told Variety. “That was my second day on set, and I had to be buck naked. I was like, ‘Hi, my name is Chan. I’ll be naked today…’

What movies are in the same ballpark as The Lost City?

Think Jungle Cruise meets Tropic Thunder, with a twist of Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. But perhaps the key reference point is 1984 action-comedy classic, Romancing The Stone. The Lost City doesn’t just share that movie’s globe-trotting vibe – it was mostly filmed in the Dominican Republic – but also has the same winning collision of high adventure and human screw-up.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tatum welcomed the comparison to the Michael Douglas classic. “They just don't make movies like that anymore. This is one of those moments to see if we can land on a new version of that sort of genre movie. This is a completely unique, original story.

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How’s the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum?

Since breaking out in ’90s actioners like Speed and Demolition Man, Sandra Bullock movies have always been worth the price of admission. The Virginia-born actress’s filmography spans from Oscar-bait like The Blind Side [2009] to existential sci-fi Gravity [2013] – but she’s never made us laugh harder than The Lost City.

Same goes for Channing Tatum. You know the Alabama actor best for the Jump Street, Magic Mike and G.I. Joe movies, not to mention the flexing of his dramatic chops in 2014’s acclaimed Foxcatcher. But Tatum has never had a better comic role than Alan’s peacocking himbo.

The minute he came out of his dressing room, the wig took over his entire personality,” Bullock told Variety. “Someone has to have great physicality and comedic timing to take ownership of that in a genuine way rather than make fun of it. He embraced what it was, and it was pretty spectacular.

Who are the other stars of The Lost City cast?

It’s testament to Daniel Radcliffe’s acting chops that the boy wizard hasn’t defined his career. The British actor was brilliantly slippery as the tech genius in Now You See Me 2, and Bullock told interviewer Lauren Huff that “everyone will get their minds blown over” his role in The Lost City as the villainous Fairfax.

He's so crazy handsome and devious,” she said. “I don't know how to explain him. But you wouldn't think that he plays sinister so beautifully and calmly and in such an attractive way. He's going to really surprise people.

More comic relief – like it’s needed – comes from Dolemite Is My Name star Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Loretta’s publicist Beth. “It has all the feelgood,” she told New York Live of The Lost City. “We haven’t seen this kind of action romcom in a while. And what’s so exciting is that we need this. It feels like one of those summer blockbusters. It’s checking off all the boxes. I saw the trailer for the first time yesterday and I just got so excited.” 

Isn’t that Brad Pitt in The Lost City trailer?

Well spotted. Pitt isn’t shy of a cameo, most recently popping up as the Vanisher in Deadpool 2 (before getting fried on power lines about three seconds later).

His meatier role in The Lost City as a superbuff CIA operative is the result of some classic Hollywood wheeler-dealing: Pitt agreed to come aboard if Bullock signed on for this year’s Bullet Train. “He just came in and he tore it up,” Bullock told EW of the star’s comic timing. “He’s really funny.

What’s The Lost City release date – and why should I see it at ODEON?

Laughing it up in a packed cinema is a pleasure that’s been denied to us lately. But when you follow the chortles to your local ODEON on The Lost City release date of April 15th, you’ll know the good times are here again.

We're entertainment,” Bullock told Entertainment Weekly of The Lost City. “We're not curing anything. We're here to take you on a ride. Hopefully, it's a fun one.